Posted by: Z.F. | April 6, 2011

Chojin Sentai Jetman MV – “Appassionata”

So, after watching the first 15 or so episodes back in 2007, I finally watched all of Jetman from beginning to end last week.I loved it.I haven’t watched a lot of sentais but I’m not gonna hesitate and say this is my favourite.I was originally going to write a review, but then I thought, who wants to read a review?Instead,I took that time and made a music video featuring some of my favourite parts of the show.It’s filled with spoliers so beware:

It features Ryu and Rie/Maria, Gai and Kaori, and some Grey. I enjoyed the dynamics of these relationships the most and incorporated my favourite scenes to make this video.

If you’ve seen my other videos before, they’ve all had classical music. This one is no different. It helps when classical music is so prominent in Jetman as well. The piece that starts the video is Beethoven’s Appassionata performed by Valentina Listisa. The “modern” version that comes later is also the same Piano Sonata, but that one is played by Maksim. I merged the two together. You probably won’t be able to tell unless you know the Sonata very well.

I used the subbed version of Jetman, the one I watched, to make the video. Hence, the quality isn’t the best and since I hate having subs in the video the MV is sometimes awkwardly edited. So there’s lots of quick scenes back and forth.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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