Posted by: Z.F. | March 11, 2011

SIC New Den-o Strike Form Video Review

Hey guys, I am finally back for a Video Review as well as a new updated banner!

 Who else but New Den-o can start this off. He’s pretty much the main rider of the most popular Rider series to date! Though, I digress, I don’t like Den-o or New Den-o that much.

Just a little not, I forget to mention the Dengasher in the review. They don’t do much but work as decoration. Sorry about the loud noises in the video, I was messing around with the box.

Overall a great piece for Den-o fans.

Design: 5/5 (I love the design, and it’s well represented here)

Playability: 5/5 (Just like all the other Den-o SICs, Perfect)

Durability: 5/5 (See above!)

Value: 2.5/5 (Will remain quite expensive depsite where you can get it. Does not come with much. Would’ve been great with Teddy.)

88% = GREAT

Leave comments, suggestions, questions about anything, here or on the Youtube clip.


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