Posted by: Z.F. | February 21, 2011

RAH Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker Photoshoot!

So I finally got my second RAH, this time it’s W! To be honest, the green on Cyclone is a bit weak, compared to what you see in magazine scans. Since that’s the only way it will look really nice, I decided to bring my brand new Cyclone Joker on a photoshoot. Viewers can guess where this location is (suspension bridge buffs should figure it out quickly!).

After a rough photoshoot, that included the losing ,but later recovered, of the Joker Memory in the sand, the losing of one of Cyclone’s hands, also recovered), and ironically the blowing down of W (that led to a slight scratch due to pointy rocks) by the wind (maybe he’s only used to wind from Fuuto), all in all, I think I produced some quality pictures that proves this RAH looks great!

There’s some HIGH RISK shots where I placed W on some high rocks near the beach. I’m so glad it didn’t fall and break into pieces or get washed away by the waters. Nevertheless, those turned out to be the best pictures.

They are somewhat low quality, so I will upload the better ones later. Feel free to photoshop it. Just don’ t take credit for the actual pic.


  1. those are pretty great. i should take mine out to enjoy mother nature sometime as well

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