Posted by: Z.F. | March 24, 2010

SIC Stronger?

IPB Image

Looks like Stronger might finally get the SIC treatment, hopefully Tackle comes along with it!!!

Here’s more pictures of IXA and Dark Kiva. I finally realized why the included Saga’s whip, that’s because Taiga used the Jacorder as Dark Kiva in the final episode.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image


  1. two figure like dark kabuto n gattack ? or like black rx can Transform to Shadow Moon??

  2. Gattack and Dark Kabuto will be seperate figures.
    Gattack can change into Zect Trooper, while Dark Kabuto has additional parts that allow him to become Masked Form (which I think can also be used for Regular Kabuto, therefore giving him Masked Form as well).

    They haven’t done single figure sets that allow them to change into different characters/riders anymore. The last one was RX and Shadowmoon, unless you count Faiz and Wolf Orphenoch.

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