Posted by: Z.F. | December 22, 2009

SIC Gatack, Dark Kabuto, and Zectrooper First Pictures!

Masked Form reminds me of that Cast Off line they had when Kabuto aired. Remember the one that was really out of proportion but had that Cast Off button gimmick that actually kinda worked.

But seeing how this isn’t that type of toy, I am surprised how bulky and out of place it is. It seems like they actually decide to with a helmet instead of a completely different head, meaning you can probably use these parts for regular Kabuto.

I am actually really disappointed with Gatack from these pictures. It’s a bit too skinny but I will reserve my judgment until more pictures are released.

Ironically the best looking figure there is Zectrooper but I would have still have rather seen Masked Form Gatack though.


  1. Kinda wish they’d given him a more “tense”/”energetic” upper body; Kabuto’s body as the base just seems too relaxed for Gatack. Also, why do Gatack figures seem to have stump-neck syndrome? Hope the colored pics will look better.

  2. I think it will urn out just fine, I hope it’s the scan that make it looks weird looking (Gatack). By the way I added you in my blogroll 😉

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