Posted by: Z.F. | November 24, 2009

SIC Vol.53 Gatack and Dark Kabuto

So the rumor of the addtional Zect Trooper parts for Gatack seem to be false. Which is great news because that has to be the stupidest thing Bandai will have done since making Emperor Form an online limited. Dark Kabuto will have Masked Form parts and seeing how Masked Form for Dark and regular Kabuto are pretty much the same, I wouldn’t be surprised if they added an extra Masked Form head with blue eyes. They’ve been making a lot of cross volume accessories with SIC more lately. Such as adding hands for regular Den-o in the Climax Form set and giving a Decade belt for Kiva in the Kabuto set.  Of course, even if the Masked Form parts are interchangable with regular Kabuto, we won’t get a Masked Form Kabuto vs. Masked Form Dark Kabuto, which would be a shame…ah well.


  1. I don’t have much money lately but I’ll probably buy two sets, the secondone for making a custom hyper gattack and a custom masked kabuto.

  2. bro… SIC Vol.53 Gatack and Dark Kabuto got two figures or one only…..?

  3. Actually the rumor is correct. The pic says Dark Kabuto can change to Masked Form and Gatack can be changed to Zectroper

  4. sorry bro actually i not understand about this so their got two figure….?

  5. Well it’s a double pack so you get two figures. Dark Kabuto has Masked Form parts and apparently Gatack has Zect Trooper ones.

  6. thanks …..adrienzo….i think i buy this S.I.C 53 erm….you buy this S.i.c 53.. adrienzo?

  7. I will probably buy it. Even the SICs that I said I wasn’t going to get, Climax and Liner Form, I eventually got those two as well.

    Gatack is a must since he’s the secondary Rider in Kabuto. Though I didn’t like the character all that much, most of the designs in Kabuto were superb.

    • owh ic….adrienzo.. i form malaysia you….?

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