Posted by: Z.F. | October 30, 2009

Real GaiaMemory USBs

So as we all expected, they’re here, real working GaiaMemory USBs for you computer. But “USBs” is the wrong word since it’s only one USB and you just get all 6 covers to put it in. For about 7000 Yen, a 2GB USB is certainly not worth it. But then again you can’t really expect TOEI to be giving us 6 2GB USBs for 7000 Yen seeing how all these “adult” merchandise are extremely overpriced.

They’re nice and it’s defnitely a collector’s item but seeing how the DX one looks and works like the one in the show, there’s not much incentive for fans to buy this. It’s not close to being Complete Selection standard and I guess it’s not very difficult for anyone to make their own working GaiaMemories.

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