Posted by: Z.F. | October 22, 2009

SIC Kabuto and SIC TD Autovajin


Looks like Final Form Ride is true but I am not sure exactly how he transform into it. I hope it doesn’t require that much work or joints can easily get loose. Kabuto will also get some Decade items like Ridebooker and possibly Decade’s belt. So this pretty much feels more like SIC Decade’s Kabuto than Kabuto Kabuto. Ah well…I wish they could’ve just done Masked Form, I actually really like that form.


  1. […] like how it comes with tiny cards of each Rider, using the S.I.C. image for those that have one (sorry Kabuto, you still got a bit more to wait). Some people don’t care for the design, but it grew on me rather quickly. Still don’t […]

  2. I don’t see the other zectors there to form the maximum hyper cyclone weapon…..does that mean Bandai plans on releasing the rest of the Kabuto cast for their zectors? I personally don’t care if this is a decade kabuto or a true kabuto- any kabuto is better than having to wait any longer. I’d like to see an SIC Sasword…that’d be so sweet.

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