Posted by: Z.F. | October 15, 2009

Kiva Deleted Scenes

So TVN released some deleted scenes of Kamen Rider Kiva and I have to say that this is a MUST watch for Kiva fans.

I can’t believe how much good stuff was cut from the show. A good majority of these scenes ADD A LOT to the overall story. You get some conclusions to episodes like Nago’s time travelling episode, which in the series, was left ambigous.

Megumi had a lot of her screen time cut. Even though these scenes won’t make her any more important, she does a lot more and has more character interactions with Nago, Wataru, Shizuka and Mio. So she’s like the middle person but in the series she was pratically useless. Shizuka, like Megumi, adds a lot more to the show with these scenes too.

The show feels a lot more cohesive with these unreleased footage. I will say this again that I am surprised that these scenes were taken out because they contribute to the overall story. Most of these scenes help transition one scene to the next so it kinda answers all the questions like “how did he know where he was?”, “when did they talk about that?” “how did he find out that?” “how did he react?” etc.

You get more of Mio and Wataru’s dating, same with Otoya and Yuri. And a scene where Nago rejects Maya as his first love, which is more in character than what they had left on the show. And speaking of Nago they help legitimize his relationship with Megumi more at the end so their marriage isn’t as forced.

I won’t take the time to sum up everything but for those who felt Kiva to be a bit rushed, forced and didn’t try hard to execute interactions and plot within the episode, this actually helps make it a bit more fluid. And for Kiva fans this definitely makes the show even better. Makes me wonder that these recent shows are lacking in depth might be the fault of the editors and not the writers or directors. Maybe Rider needs to be more than 22 minute an episode.

So go Kiva fans, download and enjoy these additional scenes!

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