Posted by: Z.F. | October 5, 2009

Old Things: Kamen Rider Blade Flash Game

I made this fighting Flash Game featuring Garren and Bat Undead about 4 years ago, I happened to stumble across a working link:

It’s a pretty simple game for those who are familiar with the Pokemon or Final Fantasy series. You Attack to increase Rouse Points which allows you to use some Combos. The objective is to Seal the Bat Undead and you can only do that when his HP is less than 100, or you can just kill him.

I also made a Kabuto fighting game where you smash buttons but that link no longer works and I no longer have the file for that.

Please enjoy! No need for suggestions since I have not played around with Actionscripting in a long time. I wouldn’t mind some comments though!

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