Posted by: Z.F. | October 5, 2009

Kamen Rider Skull

Kamen Rider Double’s Winter Movie entitled Kamen Rider Double: Episode Zero will feature Kamen Rider Skull (played by Koji Kikkawa).

Seeing how the movie acts as a prologue to the series I would probably assume this is Narumi, Shotaro’s boss and Akiko’s father, just by the hat he is wearing.  This is a clear reference to Skullman which was Ishinomori’s first groundbreaking manga that ultimately gave birth to the more famous, and what we all now know as Kamen Rider. If he is indeed Narumi, then this very ingeniously alludes to the idea that Skullman influenced and came before Kamen Rider. I wonder if Double will have any more Ishinomori references; there’s been a lot, I really hope there’s more!


  1. Yeah I really like the new writer for Double/W alot. It’s better than the handful of writers that were writing for Decade.

    Have you see episode 5? Cause I really like how Riku Sanjo treats Double in this one, like the way he henshins he has to go in private (maybe only this episode, because he did henshin in public in episode 1). And the fact how people actually refer to Double as Kamen Rider and not refering to Double all the time, unlike previous incarnations which tend to refer to their name instead.

    Also love how Skull Man is referenced in Double’s movie, by the way have you read the manga? I tried the series I think by Studio Bones, really didn’t do it for me.

  2. for a W repaint he looks freakin’ cool

  3. […] over at the toku blog site ossia unveiled the latest addition to the Kamen Rider W cast: Kamen Rider Skull. Skull seems to appear in the December W movie, and […]

  4. this guy reminds me of rorschach from Watchmen

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