Posted by: Z.F. | September 23, 2009

SIC Vol. 52: KABUTO!!!

I know you’ve been all asking for it, and now I can finally confirm it! SIC Vol 52 will be the man who walks the path of heaven: Kamen Rider Kabuto!!!

The wait has definitely been long, of course for Showa fans had even lengthier waits as they anticipated for the SIC rendition of Ichigo through J. Kabuto, however, was the Heisei one that took forever to come out. With it’s planned January 2010 release date, it would actually be four years between the premiere of the show and the SIC.

With the release of Kiva this summer and Decade it seems that BANDAI wants to finish off all the main Riders, so we in turn can finish our collection. But ever since Kiva these volumes are really lacking a lot of substance. I know I know, quality over quantity but SIC used to have both. Decade does have his Complete Form so I hope Kabuto has all three of his.

IPB Image

And here is the newest and first pictures of painted Decade. At least Complete Form isn’t just an additional chest armor. Arm and leg armors seems to be interchangeable too.


Anyone notice that this set will include an additional chest armor where the cards are all Kiva Emperor.

And another intresting thing is the cards are actual photos of the SIC but Kabuto is left blank because he hasn’t been designed yet. I wonder if they will change that soon or that would be weird for the finished product.


  1. I don’t know about you, but I feel that Decade and Kabuto (eventhough his release date is next year) is kinda rushed.

    I mean the look that they have right now doesn’t seem that Bandai have gone out of their way to make these guys look ‘SIC’. I feel that the design feels too much the same like their on-screen counterparts, but maybe it’s just that I don’t really like the new sculptor for these guys, Kenji Ando.

    The line feels something out of another line, ‘Movie Realization’ rather then ‘SIC’ anymore. The last Heisei Kamen Rider that I feel that felt SIC, was Kuuga.

    Let’s hope that the picture of Kabuto in the magazine, isn’t what its going to look like in the final product.

    What do you think?

  2. I agree but I feel most of the designs are still good.

    Sometimes when they try too hard to SIC it like they did with the first Agito, was really poorly done.

    Kenji Ando is not a new sculptor. He co-created SIC and has been here since the beginning of the line since 1998.

  3. Yeah don’t get me wrong, the designs are great, to me they are currently the best version of the toy that anyone can get; in other words kinda like the definitive version of the Kamen Rider.

    Even looking at the stuff that they have on there, like Decade’s belt turning to when he can put his card in, or even to older versions of the SIC like Faiz (555), where all there gimmicks could work, like the phone, little details like the removable mission memories.

    Over time while losing their SIC ‘look’, they also became better toys themselves, like you said the articulation being better from the first Agito to the Vol 40 with Machine Tornador.

    Really? Maybe cause on HLJ it always says Kenji Ando for the newer ones and sometime both Kenji Ando and Takayuki Takeda for the older ones.

    But nonetheless, I will be pre-oredering both Decade and Kabuto when their ready =)

    Will you be?

  4. I think the drawing of Kabuto is just a very early stage, that’s why it’s so show-accurate and not quite SIC-esque. It was probably done months ago, and was just posted now. But I’m very excited about SIC Kabuto, after the not-so-impressive Kiva.

    And Decade looks quite good, but the Complete form looks as if he’s being bound-up by the the armour running across his chest.

  5. the transparenr armor in decade looks amazing, but the complete form is too ugly, it should be more slim and stremlined… maybe it has some kind of feature? maybe the cards spin or something… too bulky to be just molded plastic. but who knows…

  6. Yes I agree with ryatwo, the toys have gotten better since Ryuki (Vol. 23) and I think it was at the height of greatness with Den-o, until it released a fury of bad pairings such as the production of Gaoh and Zero Form.

    I lost a little respect when they made Emperor Form limited and Kiva with barely anything at all. Decade looks nice (just like Kiva) but I just realized the Complete Form’s armor is placed on top of the regular torso instead of it being interchangeable. It seems lazy on Bandai part to do so and also made Complete Form more bulky that it should be (it looks like Kabuto’s Masked Form!!).

    Kenji Ando is new if you mean he does the new Riders. That’s true. Takayuki Takeya usually does the Showa Riders (but he did do Kuuga).

    I think Kenji is a better designer. His style might be more show accurate than before but he’s the one that added the innovation to SIC. The new peg hands and the overall articulation. Takeya did Kamen Rider X and if anyone has it, that figure feels obsolete in terms of poseability.

    I will definitely be getting these SIC. I’ve collected too many to skip out on these. The only ones I have skipped out on are all the non Kamen Rider SICs and some of the Den-o ones (Climax/Ura, Zero/Liner, Kin/Gaoh).

    I will be getting Kiva soon, my local store sold out so it will probably be a few months before I receive in the mail. I hope I can get my hands on Emperor and when they do arrive, I will definitely be reviewing them.

  7. I was hoping they finish the Kiva figure line first before going to Decade & Kabuto.
    Den O is the most complete SIC figure line, even making the imagins. Hope they do the same for Kiva, after they make Kabuto.
    Also I don’t like it when SICs can transform, cuz I can’t display all the forms unless i buy them like 11 times (for Kuuga.) Atleast Den O has all his forms seperatly sold.

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