Posted by: Z.F. | September 20, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade and Double Movie

credits to alternate-zer0 for this picture.

This is rumored as the second movie featuring Decade and Double. So if you aren’t sure what’s going on let me try to explain. There’s a Decade and Double moving coming out in December. The teaser was of course featured in the last episode of Decade and there’s already been rumors that the December movie will be a double feature (similar to the Summer ones with Sentai and Rider, instead of a crossover).

But as you can see this logo has 2010 in it. Now, does that mean there will be another movie in 2010 or is the December one called 2010 just beause it’s only about 2 weeks before it does eventually become 2010. Also notice that the word “War” is in the title (between the word Movie and 2010), that “War” kanji was used previously in the teaser so it does make me think if this is not just that movie (because it’s way too early to have a second movie when the first one is not even out yet, even Den-o wasn’t like that).

I do wonder what happened to the Chou-Den-o Series. Decade might have replaced it because love it or hate it, Decade was really popular. The show’s rating was through the roof (as compared with recent shows), it has also gotten both a lot of media hype (with the movie, Gackt and having the movie star Gackt), and “All-Rider” topped the Summer box office for a week and is probably still going strong with double the gross than most Rider movies.


  1. Shadow Moon returns in W Movie ^_^

  2. They only titled it 2010 because its the last movie for 2009.
    Cho Den O’s rating were bad, only ranked 4 in Japan as oppose to All Riders which even topped the Half blood prince (Harry Potter).
    I hope they finally get all the Hesei rider actors & not just Kenzaki Kazuma & Wataru Kurenai.

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