Posted by: Z.F. | September 16, 2009

Kamen Rider & Gackt Interview

Over at that blog I just posted above features a nice little Kamen Rider infotainment session with Gackt. All the Riders have a little appearance in a small documentary featuring 7 secrets about Rider, stuff like: henshin pose, rider kicks and famous baddies.

Here’s the first part:

Some and highlights include:

  • Gackt favourite Rider is Black (the host also says Black is his favourite).
  • He thinks Kiva’s design is really cool
  • It’s funny to see them amuse by some of the old school Riders but I guess it is cheesy.
  • Not sure if it’s scripted but Gackt gets most of the question about Riders right (they are easy stuff) but he also seems surprised by some of the other basic info that those clips were speaking of.
  • And there’s also a bigger focus on the actors that made it big, like Sato Takeru and Mizushima Hiro.
  • But later at the end it seems like Gackt thinks Den-o having train is wrong…not sure if that’s what he said but if that’s so then props to him!

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