Posted by: Z.F. | September 10, 2009

Heroine Rider Curse Strikes Again?!

I was reluctant to post this piece of headline here.

Scandals and things of that nature aren’t stuff I am interested in however this one really might affect this year’s Kamen Rider, Double.

If you might or might not know there has been this so-called “curse” on the female Rider leads of Heisei. First we had Yui Satonaka (Hiyori) leave in the middle of Kabuto and only to return for the last few episodes due to some unspecified illness (she would later quit show business all together because of it). Next, in 2007, Yuriko Shiratori (Hana) left Den-o half way as well due to unknown circumstances. I’ve heard a lot of different rumors, none of which I can confirm. Then after all of that in 2008, Miyuki Kanbe (Hinaka) from Hibiki suddenly and tragically died at the age of 24 after suffering from heart failure.

I am not a superstitious person but regardless these were unfortunate events that occured (especially to Miyuki and Yui). So before I get into details of this year’s happenings, I am glad to say it’s not anything that serious.


Looks like Hikaru Yamamoto is in a midst of some scandal. I am sure the juiciest thing to this tabloid is that this innocent 18 year old isn’t very innocent. Though I am not completely certain how much coverage this is getting, I have seen a scan of this story on the a (tabloid?) newspaper and it’s certainly spreading across various Japanese blogs, forum and websites.

To keep it short Hikaru is rumored to have gotten plastic surgery (which I could care less) and also have taken nude photos of herself which she posted on the web.

I honestly don’t know what the consequences are anymore. Even if I were to base this on Western standards I would still be uncertain. I mean, young female celebrities taking nude or risque photos seems like a big deal and it is, but recently it seems like it’s just another plain old story with barely any consequences. Stars in the States don’t seem to be remotely affected by these sort of scandals, instead they become more popular than ever. With that in mind, do I now assume the opposite would happen with Ms.Yamamoto? Japan is a strictly conservative culture but then again we’ve got AV stars being cast in Toku shows and pre-teen girls starring in their own Gravure Idol DVDs.

I really don’t know. It might go away and become just a temporary internent meme that would come back as some sort of inside joke or it might have serious consequences to the production of the show, which is the point I want to get to.

2 of these curses did affect the show. We wouldn’t know what type of show they would’ve ended up with if both Kabuto and Den-o had their main actress stay for its entirety. I really doubt those two deaptures had adversely affected the outcome of those shows but maybe just maybe Double might be hurt by this. Double just aired 1 episode, it might be easy to write out a character or it might be hard, it’s very difficult to say. 

All I can say despite all of that is that I really don’t know. Double had a good start, I don’t want this to hamper on a new show this early and really, as much as I disapprove of what Hikaru did it’s still unfortunate for this to happen to her, she’s got a whole career and life ahead of her…having that happen to someone on their first major break  isn’t something that can be easily overcome.


  1. yeah… I hope people would just forget it…

    Hikaru does a good job in W…. way better than that girl in Decade, dunno her name… could careless coz I hate her act and role in Decade

    Ganbatte Hikaru-chan!!

  2. Like my grandma always say “Whatever you do has it’s consequences. Just because your young and foolish doesn’t mean that the path you choose ‘now’ will not come back to haunt you in the future. The greatest karma and consequence is regretting your past action and realizing that you can not go back to fix things especially after all those wasted years”

    She always says that, she may talk a lot but those words hold a lot of meaning to it. Oldies… you can’t underestimate them sometimes.

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