Posted by: Z.F. | September 6, 2009

Kamen Rider W 1st Episode!



Perhaps the best first 2 and a half minute in Heisei.

Really, that was actually very cool. The man getting shot and passing his hat to Shotaro and then that retro Rider look with glowing red eyes standing in the flame.

Sadly it went a bit boring even for a first episode. They didn’t even go all out. It was too slow for me and it seem like a normal episode.

Philip turned out better than I thought. He’s young but his voice isn’t like Ryotaro’s. I am liking the show. It has good potential. It’s filmed a lot better but maybe it’s because it’s the first episode. I mean I just hated how Kiva used the same old generic fight locations for their conversational scenes. This Wind City looks like a change of environment.

Opening song is a bit bland. Even more generic than NEXT LEVEL. Sounds like an “Other Toku” show theme. Of course this is coming from greater hits like Break the Chain and Journey Through the Decade.

The Forms are pretty cool and I also like how they don’t fuse. It’s more like the Den-o posession thing here.

Overall a good episode and I feel the series has potential.

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