Posted by: Z.F. | August 31, 2009

Kamen Rider W Toy Promo

Double is coming next week and as expected the toys will be here!

As a collector of Heisei main Rider belts this one sure looks interesting. As expected they won’t be using real USBs, although I was hoping for some since it shouldn’t be too expensive. However one interesting thing is that the USB or Gaia Memories are the objects that require batteries since it has both sound and lights. And they look like they need the smaller type of batteries. Looks like it AAA batteries won’t fit.

The belt itself is pretty cool but the other stuff look lame. The weapons are a bit bland which actually don’t mind since they remind me of older Rider weapons like Agito and Kuuga. But those stupid camera, watch, cellphone transfomer are a bit too much.


  1. Looks like they are going all out to sell merchandises more than anyone can afford for maximum profit. ^.^;

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