Posted by: Z.F. | August 30, 2009

SIC Decade and 555

555 SIC Kiwamii Tamashii are here! Love the new box art and they look almost identical to the larger SICs! Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.


  1. I’ll go ahead and admit that I never liked the fact that they put PINK on a Kamen rider like Decade. I’ve hated it since the beginning and I still haven’t gotten past it.

    Honestly…what the hell were they thinking?

    We can all agree that any Kamen rider looks badass in red, right? So why they went another color lower and settled with pink….just…good god.

    Besides that, his Final form just looks amazing.

    I have one HUGE question that I want answered sooner or later: Will Decade’s decadriver be able to be put onto other SIC figures?

    We can all agree that our favorite rider with the decadriver in place of his regular henshin device would look badass, right?

    Personally I want to see 555 with the Decadriver, cuz after having that SIC for 3 years now and seeing all the other Sentai shows using phones, he needs a new henshin device.

    Even Hibiki with the Decadriver would look awsome!

    I told you this already, but I’m afraid I caved in and ordered the Tamashii Exclusive Kiva Emperor Form SIC Set….yes…I caved and submitted my pre-order a few days ago to a site called toy-wave. They’re selling it for $ 120 (that DOES include shipping) and after looking everywhere i could for a lower price, they were the only ones I could buy from.

    I just wanna see Decade Final Form and Kiva Emperor Form together performing a slash attack…once I have that in my display case I’ll just sit there and drool like an idiot all day lol.

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