Posted by: Z.F. | August 6, 2009

Climax Heroes First Thoughts

So Climax Heroes finally came out today and I’ve played a good few hours of it today.

I think I would write a full review on it later but here’s a few thoughts on the game as of now:

  • Lacks a lot of characters. You do get all 10 Heisei and a few supporting Riders like IXA and Zeronos (plus doppelganger riders like Dark Kabuto and Nega Den-o, which however are not playable), but they don’t even have all the forms for each Rider. Hibiki only has Kurenai and Kiva is missing all of his Arm Monster forms.
  • The game can be pretty challenging at times and that’s a good thing. However I think the CPU can even be better because it rarely uses its finishers even though it has everything all charged up.
  • You only get 1 on 1 battle. Which feels like a downgrade compared to Kabuto’s game which can put up to 4 Riders in the field (even more if chose Worms and Zect troopers)
  • Graphics are horrendous. King Form and Emperor Form are so badly rendered it looks like it was made for the iPhone or the DS.
  • Some voice are from the original actors. Obviously the Imagins are back, Decade and Diend. Tendou sounds like himself for a few lines and so does Takumi. Agito barely says anything and Ryuki seems like a recast. Kivat replaces Wataru’s voice and riders like Gatack is so off that you just go “wtf” when you hear him talk.
  • The Finisher/Form changing gauge charges up really fast. I am not sure if there’s an option to change this but it does make the game a bit easier when you can charge up for your finisher in about 10 seconds.
  • Finishers are cutscenes, it doesn’t require timing or any button mashing to perform it. This is a big problem because it makes the game a bit too easy at times compared to Kabuto’s game which requires timing and precision as well as charging up a finisher to achieve more damage. However the finisher in this game rarely takes down the guy…you need to do it a few times if they have a good amount of health left.
  • The health bar has 3 levels, green, yellow and red. This allows for different style matches, some where you begin with 1/3 less health. More health makes the game a bit more challenging so I do like this feature.
  • Some forms are not accessible. Liner Form only appears during the finisher and Burning Form is barely useable.
  • Cutscene finishers is only for the final forms. Therefore if your Rider, for example, Blade is about to use his finisher he will automatically transform into King Form and play the scene. If you are already in King Form, you can’t do a finisher.
  • Form changing is not exactly that good. For Riders with more than one form like Kuuga and Den-o, you are to choose your form prior to the match. For example you will decide that you will be Dragon Form and then the match starts as Mighty Form allowing you to switch back and forth from Mighty and Dragon.
  • Same goes for Decade. You choose what Riders you want to transform into. For Decade, you also get to choose his FFR, which are very useful and makes him by far the best character.
  • All Forms have a time limit which is represented by the bottom gauge. So you have a limited time as one form (unlike Kabuto’s game). However there are rounds in “Decade Mode” where you are one form for the entire match. I don’t believe this feature works for the other modes in the game.
  • There are 4 playable modes. Decade Mode, which is a story mode. Battle Mode, where you choose 1 rider to go against a best of 3 rounds with all the other riders one at a time. Survivor mode, which is similar to Battle Mode but you will only have one life and every new round you start; you will begin with the amount of health you have left from the previous. Practice/Training Mode, where you just fight a non-moving NPC.
  • There’s also a lot of galleries containing pictures and cards from the show. I am not sure if this is a glitch but you earn a new picture and a card every time you beat a round in Decade Mode but you will end up unlocking the same pictures and cards up to 5 or 6 times.
  • The music is boring and lame. No songs from the show are BGM are featured.
  • I have yet to try 2 player but that should be interesting and probably be the best thing to do in the game.


  1. Nice review!!
    I had been wanting to play it eventhough I knew it’d be worse than Kabuto… watching some battles from youtube…

    with your review, I can finally give it up…

    Finisher as a cutscene totally ruins the game…

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