Posted by: Z.F. | July 17, 2009

SIC Kiva Emperor

So it looks like the only form included in this set is Emperor. It looks decent…maybe I will make a final judgment when I see better pictures. At least we get more than just Kiva form. Let’s hope that the Arm monsters form will come in another set.

IPB Image

IPB Image


  1. That Emperor kiva looks HOT. Where’s the cape though?

  2. Now this’s how Kiva should be look like….A-wesome.

    One thing that bothering me…why it can’t properly stand?Don’t tell me this fella has balance issue.

    Still,no news bout Kabuto.*sigh*

  3. Nah, i think the display stand is for keeping the figure upright at all times, so it wont fall over and give the trouble of having to open the display cabinet and prop it back up.

    But anyway, i think the reason theyve skipped kabuto is the problem of having to include cast off in the figures. eg, when kabuto casts off, his horn swivels up, but how r they gonna make a good job of that in an SIC figure?

  4. most like i think can switch face for kabuto……

    but finally SIC has a stand!

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