Posted by: Z.F. | July 11, 2009

Super Inflation Chogokin Kiva? + Decade Complete


Note: Fuestle is put in the wrong way! But then again SIC always screws up stuff like that.

But these are the new pictures I’ve been waiting for. Kiva looks incredible but that’s all! No Garuru, Basshaa, Dogga or Emperor form. This will turn out to be the only SIC with almost nothing but the figure and some accessories. I still have doubts though since this set is priced around 5000 Yen which is more than Blade’s (and many others), which had both regular and King form. This set is close to the price of some double packs and if Kiva form is the only one included than I guess the recession has hit Bandai hard!

 Anyways, Decade will then takeover of awhile. He will get two forms so that’s all good. I also think they should have just added Diend because who else are they going to put that guy with. But then again, you can put Diend with any character and it would make sense since he can summon them all. How about Diend and Gills for Vol. 52!!!


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