Posted by: Z.F. | June 29, 2009

Kamen Rider W/Double Official Sites are now up!

IPB Image

Flying USB sticks! Fusing Boys! This looks like a bad premise for a really bad geeky superhero show.

The design looks superb but the premise is a bit childish and un-Kamen Rider like. The story is set in a fictitious, and probably dystopic/corrupted, city. Two detectives named Shotaro and Philip (with what I would assume to be conflicting personalities, like being tough and other is weak, one has street smart and the other has book smart, etc) work together to fight crime and monsters etc.

It does seem interesting but the whole robotic USB Rider wearing scarf theme could have gone to better use. My biggest beef with this is definitely the two man fusion thing. I especially dislike Philip who is the youngest Rider to date.

However we are getting a new head writer for this show, so no more Inoue, Yonemura, Aikawa or Kobayashi. Those 4 combined pretty much wrote all the, what we now call, 1st Heisei Rider shows. I believe TOEI wants to start fresh with W. With a September premiere date this actually changes the entire game a bit. I always thought that this might be good time to start a show. It starts and ends like school terms, so kids get to look forward to a new show before school starts and the series will then end with the summer movie instead of ending in the beginning of the year (which always seems a bit awkward to me). This is only true if W or Double runs for around 50 episodes though.

The other show that had this Fall start was Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and one thing I liked about that show was it managed to do theme shows relating to the actual air dates. We got a few Christmas episodes, New Years episode and Valentine’s day episode. Those all played significant part in that particular series and I thought made it better. However Rider never get to do this. The show starts right after the New Year and is too early to do anything for a Valentine’s day episode also by the time it gets to X-mas the show is too busy trying to head to its ultimate climax. Although we usually do see numerous X-mas decorations around where they film.

I would say I am glad they didn’t take a Den-o route or do something like Den-o but I won’t be too sure until the shows air. I hope this tone they set for the first Heisei show of this new decade would be a good one. This is the new Kuuga and the original Kuuga started off great and led to so many good shows after so all I can hope for is something close to that.


  1. Philip is not the youngest Rider. Ryotaro Nogami in the movie Kamen Rider Den-O: I’m Born became the youngest Rider at the age of 10!

  2. You can say that but then you can say Kid Wataru in Kiva’s World to be even younger.

  3. You made a mistake in in this blog. Sure, kids get a fresh school year start… in America. In Japan, the school year starts sometime in the beginning in April. So, technically, the kids in Japan don’t get a fresh school year start with Kamen Rider. Just wanted to point that out. Although it is a new way to start a Kamen Rider series since it leaves a possibility for Christmas and Valentine episodes =)

  4. True, but then again they have summer holidays and they return to school in Sept. where they begin a new term. So I guess that was my point despite the fact they’ll all be in the same grade in the beginning of the Fall too.

    • That’s true too. LOL!

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