Posted by: Z.F. | June 14, 2009

Kamen Rider W: First Pictures!

Love it or hate it, Decade is getting a short run. It’s probably done filming. I really had no idea the next series will be coming in just a few months. I still remember writing “see you in 2010 when I review Kamen Rider Decade!” for my Kamen Rider Kiva review I did earlier this year…better edit that.

Who knows, W might be a sequel to Decade. Decade has already become a weird series, a short-run, an anniversary show that actually goes and fight with other Riders, an epic movie coming out this summer, Gackt singing the theme, Kurata Tetsuo/Kamen Rider Black/Greatest Rider ever makes his ultimate return. Whatever the case is W is here and here are some pictures.

I wouldn’t exactly say he looks like Kikaider. He does look an 80’s Metal Hero though. Very metal-y, slick and slim. It does feel that TOEI is trying to be a bit different and it actually reminds me of indie Tokusatsus, which in turn get their influence from older shows. The forms don’t seem as gimmicky as anything we’ve seen recently so I guess that’s why I feel this way. I am not liking the face but the bike is nice.

This is really the first time…perhaps ever, that we got a spy shot before a scan, or a sketch for toy and other promos. I am not sure what that means but it’s a interesting thing to point out.


  1. I am not liking this Kamen Rider design all that much…

  2. well we also said that one when we all saw kamen rider decade’s color motiff was pink… or crimson…. as some would say… but hey decade does do a fine job ^_^

  3. Man,this rider sucks!!!! Its need 2 fucking people to transform into this son of a bitch costume! And the rider kick(pics from youtube) suck too! They will split into 2 just like bullshit. and he will apear in decade movie to spoil the fight bettween shadow moon and decade?1 BULLSHIT!

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