Posted by: Z.F. | June 14, 2009

Climax Heroes Trailer Released!


The first trailer of Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Video Game for the PS2 is finally out! Go check it out!

There’s also a whole bunch of new stuff on the site such as character profiles and more screens. If you didn’t notice there’s a lot of Coming Soon boxes which I assume are hints for extra forms and additional secondary Riders.

I am not going to do a shot by shot dissection of the trailer but I will point out some things I noticed:

  • The Graphics are HORRIBLE! I don’t think they are even on par with any Rider or PS2 game I have seen. I thought it would look better in action but the close up shots reveal some very limited rendering and blocky polygons.
  • However action/motions are well captured and technically speaking it looks far superior than any Rider fighting game ever created….let’s hope it’s better than Kabuto’s.
  • Den-o gets the love: Not only is the game “Climax” Heroes but he is featured first in the beginning montage. And to top that off, his little sequence is also a lot longer than any of the other Riders. Poor Agito and some of the other guys get a split second action shot.
  • The song is really annoying…
  • Ouja and Ryuga are featured in an image with Ryuki. So I guess they are confirmed
  • Final Form Rides are also confirmed
  • IXA ’86 is in action as well
  • I am not sure if the scan I posted in my last entry had Burning Agito or Shining Agito since they share the same head and that his body can’t be seen cleary. However Burning is there so I would assume Shining will be there too.
  • Kuuga Amazing Form is present
  • Hibiki burned the hell out of Den-o…YES!
  • Decade’s Clustf*ck…I mean Complete Form is confirmed
  •  Special Attacks include: summoning Castle Doran, Den-Liner, Autovajin and Dragredder
  • I have a hypothesis that these Final and Special Attacks will not be mini cutscene and be more like Kabuto’s game. You have to aim and time final moves like a Rider Kick, etc. But after the enemy is defeated there will be an additional cutscene if you killed the opponent with a specific finisher. This occurs in Kabuto too but only in story mode.


  1. hi. i’m wondering if you could show some moves list for each kamen rider.. because the game is entirely japanese language..thanx alot..keep up the good work

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