Posted by: Z.F. | May 26, 2009

Decade’s Movie Press Conference

As stated before the press conference for Decade and Shinkenger was held yesterday and finally we got the biggest confirmation of the year (if not the biggest news of this decade)!

Yes, Tetsuo Kurata/Kamen Rider Black will be back in this movie and will star in a big role!  He has returned with signature Kotaro fashion, white bike jacket, white pants, white shoes and white fingerless gloves!! He would be the first Showa Rider to return to Heisei as his original character!…032-maiall-ent…090525/?inb=yt

IPB Image

Ichigo, Nigo and V3 also made video appearances. So I assume they will be in the movie as small cameo, hopefully more than just voice appearance.

Anyways there’s now rumors that Agito’s actor will also be back. Then this will pretty much be a reunion for that PS2 game: Seigi no Keifu released a few years back.

This is really great news for all Rider fans! I am so incredibly ecstatic that I think I am going to be looking through these pictures all day and waiting for a video of this press conference. I really thought this year we will only get the Heisei actors back but now we are getting my all time favourite Minami Kotaro! All I can say is, good work TOEI, you finally done something right!

UPDATE: First Video of the Conference

Here are some nice scenes from that rocky area battle we’ve seen the past few weeks. So it is confirmed their voices are back. Rider Double Kick never sounded better!! And they never looked nicer, I can’t wait to watch this on Blu-Ray!

But the TV coverage ignored Tetsuo Kurata’s return. What a shame but I guess he isn’t as well known as Fujioka Hiroshi…

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