Posted by: Z.F. | May 23, 2009

Back in Black

So rumor has it Tetsuo Kurata (Minami Kotaro/Kamen Rider Black/RX) will reprise his legendary role in this year’s All Rider vs. DaiShocker.


I really don’t like posting rumors here just because I don’t want to disappoint anyone if it turns out not to be true. I would definitely be the most disappointed person in the world if this rumor turned out to be false. Tetsuo Kurata is my childhood hero. I watched Black and Black RX as a young boy and I never stopped loving both shows. He is my Fujioka Hiroshi/Kamen Rider Ichigo, so out of all the people that might come back he tops my list of “Hopeful Returns” bar none.

But as the day goes by it turns more and more likely to be true therefore I feel obligated to post this. First we got a little leak of the movie’s cast list which lists him as Minami Kotaro/Kamen Rider Black (not RX). Though that wasn’t enough to convince me but later an official Japanese movie website also puts him on the cast list as well. So it makes this rumor slightly a bit more confirmed.

Shadowmoon is also stated to make a return appearance (played by a new actor) and we got solid proof he will be back in some form. Lots of pictures of him have surfaced these past days. Simple deduction as well can be used, a lot of Shadowmoon = a lot of Kamen Rider Black. Also note that Tsukasa’s sister was listed on that “leaked cast list” and she is seen in the picture below with Tsukasa, therefore possibly indirectly confirming the authenticity of that list.

IPB Image

We all know how proud Kurata-san is of his role as Kotaro. I mean even the steaks (at his steakhouse) don the iconic Black (Gorgom) logo. Let’s just hope TOEI does the right thing and finally bring back Minami Kotaro after a long 20+ year hiatus.



  1. Hoho, so it is true then. So good to see Minami Kotaro back in action. I watched only BLACK (the TV station just put an end like that to the show, hanging).

    Maybe that’s the reason I only love Black than Black RX.

    Great news!

  2. ok, this is really going to be the greatest news about the coming rider movie ^^. just like most of us do, kotaro/kurata himself has become the very symbol of justice itself. hence, we come to salute even idolize him. i really cant wait to see him reprising his role ^^ back in black!!

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