Posted by: Z.F. | May 15, 2009

Decade Complete, New Kuuga Form, DaiShocker and Kurenai Otoya

A whole bunch of new stuff have been surfacing regarding Decade. First and foremost the pictures:

(Thanks to Igadevil for these pictures!!!)

IPB Image

Decade Complete Form is pure horror! Oh the humanity!!! Why that stupid card on his head? Why couldn’t they do something similar to Blade King Form and have little logos of each Rider located on his body like shoulder, knees and elbows.

But it’s okay, it’s wasn’t unexpected. This form was released many months ago, I think the first sketch came out in February.

But this however is brand new, atleast to me: Kuuga Rising Ultimate. It is nice. I wouldn’t say it is amazing (no pun intended) but it new and it isn’t as Complete Form. Something I hoped Decade would do since the beginning was giving old Riders new forms (not those damn Final Form Rides) and now it has come true!

IPB Image

IPB Image

And we have this picture from the movie. It’s Narutaki and Oji-chan Eijiro, as Hell Ambassador and Dr.  Shinagami respectively. Gotta admit I didn’t see this coming especially seeing Natsumi’s sweet old grandfather as one of the most iconic Rider villain of all time!

Pictures courtesy of Ryulong

Two more things before I sign off, Kurenai Otoya’s actor Kouhei Takeda will make a 2 episode guest appearance for episode 20 & 21 of Decade. I would guess he is playing Otoya but I don’t think it is confirmed. And it seems like Decade might actually be a 50 episode series, but nothing concrete yet…check back soon when I post a follow up!


  1. hmmmmm could it be that the theory of episode one might be true?

  2. Decade Complete Form is pure horror! Totally agree. I hope they change it on the way. btw why there’s a new Kuuga form?

  3. Kuuga Rising Ultimate is making me cry all over my laptap,making kuuga’s total forms to a WHOPPING 12!!!One more and he will be a One -Man Kamen Rider Ryuki group!

  4. kuuga looks like merge with agito

  5. nice picture.That one kamen rider was so awesome it should been the last form of KUUGA.

  6. It makes no sense at all to bring Otoya back. He is dead since over 20 years and he died using Dark Kiva. WTF They are not even able to use their “Alternative Chara” explanation.

  7. Decade complete form….its cool if the card slapped at the head were taken off!
    Kuuga new form… amazing cool! maybe Kuuga has a important role in this story….and i want to see Yuusuke henshin more!
    lastly…Otoya return…omg! its so cool!

  8. RGxAKf Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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