Posted by: Z.F. | May 4, 2009

X marks the spot

The anticipation of Decade’s movie is going through the roof. I can just feel that fans, young and old alike, are extremely excited for this movie. The hot topic now is: are any of the actors going to return and if so, who?

One fan by the name of Hayami Ryo says on his blog ( that he is disappointed with TOEI’s decision making and who they did not ask to come back to reprise their role. But on TOEI’s defense, it’s still way TOO EARLY to know who’s coming back…and who’s this Hayami Ryo guy anyways whining on his blog….

Uh…what’s that, he’s Jin Keisuke, Kamen Rider X?! The guy who single handedly defeated STARFISH HITLER?!?

So I guess one of the 26 Riders won’t be showing up and he isn’t really happy about it. He said on his blog that he would have like to come back and reprise X but TOEI never even gave him a call. I just have to say that I am extremely surprised….Men in their late 50’s have blogs? 

Well jokes aside, let’s just hope that “X doesn’t mark the spot” and that TOEI has not already decided to leave out any chances of cameos. I just wish Riders from Heisei and especially  from Showa will be asked to return. Nevertheless it is rather sad to see an actor get snubbed to return in a role that he would have wanted to do. They have just disappointed so many dear fans that would have died to see that dream Rider reunion.

After today’s news I am a bit less optimistic of this movie than I was a few days ago…


  1. I have to admit that I am also getting less excited for the Showa Riders returning for this movie. If Toei wanted to have a movie featuring the veteran Kamen Riders, then they should at least do it right by having some of the actors returning, but it seems that the chances are slim. I believe that if an older rider should appear in a movie, then his whole character should be featured and not just his costume.

    I think Toei should’ve just focused on the teamup of the heisei riders and try bringing back the heisei actors, instead of having every single rider in one movie. KR Decade is a heisei anniversary movie after all.

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