Posted by: Z.F. | May 1, 2009

All Rider vs. Dai Shocker First Video Teaser

Here it is. Everyone is back even Black with himself RX! Looks like even old Showa villains are there too. It’s pretty damn cool especially that scene when they all walk together but seeing Diend there makes me wonder if they are all just Diend’s summon….please make this right TOEI!!

EDIT: On a closer inspection J isn’t there. Kuuga is in one of the shots but not in another. But the first second with the newspaper scan shows no sign of J. However it still says there are 26 Riders which is Ichigo to Decade + Diend. I think this might just be a promo shot for magazines and a teaser and not from the movie.

Either that or, here is my weird and crazy theory: Notice 00:23 where all the Riders are walking together, Decade, Kuuga, Ichigo, Nigo and V3 aren’t with them. Maybe the rest of them are joining the other 5. Since we already know that Decade and Kuuga will have human actors, does that mean Ichigo, Nigo and V3 will come back too?! It would be great if that were true but that means none of the other Heisei or Showa guys will be back…oh damn look at me going all crazy with this promo. I better just calm down and wait for more news to surface.


  1. I pray for a 2 hour long movie at least T_T

  2. Seeing how it is still a double feature with Shinkenger…I doubt it. I guess it is 90 mins.

  3. WOW

  4. WOW

  5. the movie poster shows that J is indeed in the movie (he`s right above Agito on the right whilst ZO is next to Stronger in the upper left corner so i`m sure about that) he`s probably gonna be a Diend summon.

  6. Wow this is awesome. All the Kamen Rider gathering in one big show. I hope I can see the movie…

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