Posted by: Z.F. | April 24, 2009

RAH Agito and SIC Vol.49: New Pictures

(credits to Toy World)

Agito looks SUPERB and it is coming out this November. I think I might get this one….I think.

(credits to that watermark on that picture)

Henshin Ninja Arashi also looks great and his friend looks like some old dude. I think I am going to skip this one….I am sure.


  1. Agito’s a must-get for me. The mail-in exclusives are Tsugami Shouichi and Trinity Form!

    The Arashi set looks cool, I’ll pick that one up. I’ve always liked the show, it’s pretty much Kamen Rider in ancient Japan.

    The other figure, BTW, is the evil Blood Wheel Clan’s leader dude, who inspired the villain “Hitotsumi” in the Hibiki movie, and I think most people know the story of how Arashi himself inspired the Oni armor thingy that appears in the show.

    Usually the leader has a covered armored face, the old guy is an optional head/under a mask piece I think. I don’t remember if we see his face or not, because his ultimate true identity turns out to be… pretty far out. Maybe it’s a comic thing.

  2. Just curious, how many Medicom figures do you have?

    Thanks for the info on Arashi. Yeah it looks nice but I’ve never watched the show. I am really lacking the space now to display my SICs. I skipped out on Liner (which I want, because I want to have all those Heisei Final Forms), and I skipped on Ura and will skip Kin too. Did you get any of those?

  3. I have been getting a lot of the more recent DX Medicom figures, and the Project B!M ones. I’ve managed to round up all the main guys released so far (up to RX, and then Hibiki~Den-O & the movie Rider 1, 2, & V3) and the human IDs they made. There’s a lot coming out in the next couple months- Kuuga, Rider 1 ver. 3.5 & the Cyclone, NEW Den-O, the “renewal” V3, Kiva and now Agito.

    They’re pricey, but they’re one of the few figure lines that I think are actually worth the price. The BLACK figure’s probably one of the weaker ones, and even that was still really nice. Rider 1 & 2 have been made and re-made so many times now that they’re pretty much perfect; the upcoming Cyclone set looks awesome.

    I have the Liner/Zero Form and Ura/Climax Form sets. Liner/Zero’s alright. Neither of them are my favorite forms, but they’re perfectly adequate figures. They just feel a little “been there, done that” aside from the big new weapons. I like the bonus Den-O belt they include which the Imagin can hold (and wear, IIRC.) Ura/Climax is fun and has some nice accessories, and I’m looking forward to Gaoh/Kin. I think Zeronos/Deneb is my favorite Den-O set so far though.

    I just hope they take a Den-O break for a while and either do Gills, or my dream set, Stronger & Tackle based on the smaller version they did. Then plunge into another series like Kabuto or Kiva.

  4. Wow that’s a lot. I am jealous. Black is the only one I have and yeah it was pretty disappointing. So most of them don’t have better poseability than him right? I think I am going to get Agito and Kiva, and hopefully collect some of my other favourite Riders.

    Yeah I was pretty bummed out when they decided to switch Urataros with Zero Form. One of the only reasons why I am still reluctant to get it, Zero is perhaps the worst repaint, since I can’t use it for anything. Atleast Hibiki Kurenai can be used for Hibiki Soukou. I am planning to get it maybe when the price drops but I am afraid it will disappear like many other SICs.

    Den-o should end. It has way more than enough. I have almost lost hope in Gills. Why did they do G4? It’s nice but that could have been a limited/special one.

    Stronger and Tackle, yea I am sure that one is coming. Since they did X, the next one is line is Stronger. It would be great if they did Skyrider, Super-1 and ZX together. I don’t think there’s really any really awesome villains to pack each of those Riders with (maybe you can enlighten me though). And I am still hoping they re-do Black (show accurate style) with battlehopper and perhaps a new RX with Bio and Roborider.

  5. The underlying bodies are the same, but I would say the poseability is much better on the older Riders because of the cloth costumes, and even the leather on the old Rider 1 & 2 allows for a lot of movement. Wheres BLACK has that whole funky joint thing going on which hurt his elbows. I haven’t opened up RX yet to check, but basically anyone from Rider 1 through ZX has had no problems from me. The Project B!M ones aren’t too bad for posing either, but I think they have a slightly different body than the normal RAH (I could be wrong about this.)

    I think we will see Gills some day, probably with parts to make him into Exceed Gills. I think the hard thing is figuring out who they can pack him with- everybody else from Agito has basically been done, and they don’t seem to go the solo route any more. My ideal set would be to put him with the El of Water, who had two versions anyway so that’s another bunch of conversion parts. Recent Rider monsters have gotten the shaft so badly though, it’d be a miracle if that happened.

    Skyrider & Super-1’s coolest villains are still pretty obscure, so I think they would be together. ZX has Tigerroid or Ambassador Darkness/Southern Cross to choose from, but I think we’ll be lucky if we even get ZX any time soon.

  6. That Henshin Ninja set is a skip for me, t looks nice but I know nothing about the source material and the price made me cry a little. THough the Kin and Ga-Oh set is a must get.

    Also I wonder what we’re getting for SIC 50. I like this whole Set a month thing but I kinda want a single-pack figure instead of all these 2-packs…

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