Posted by: Z.F. | April 24, 2009

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes: New Screenshots


Kamen Rider Climax Heroes (PS2) will be coming out sometime this summer. The official site is up but there’s barely anything yet:

However new shots have been released here:

The game looks good (as for now). The graphics are average. To me it looks only looks a tad bit better than PS1 graphics and almost looks like a PSP game (but I have seen PSP games with better graphics than this). Still, I shouldn’t judge the game yet, but from what I see it has removed the two features that made Kabuto’s PS2 game so great. First the isometric view which allowed the Rider to move in all four direction on the battlefield. And secondly the Double Team feature (maybe they have it but it looks doubtful) where you can have 4 riders going head on. And that Clock Up engine was great but I am sure Clock Up is in this game but it will certainly be very different from the original.

It seems that all the main Heisei Riders and their forms will be in the game. Which averages to around 40 character models but not exactly 40 characters. I wonder if they will seperate the form and have them be unlockables such as what they did with Hyper Kabuto and Blade King Form. If so that’s a shame. I hope the unlockables are actually secret characters like Ichigo or Black. Let’s hope that if you play as Kiva or Den-o you can switch forms during the fight. That would certainly make the game a lot different from previous installments.

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