Posted by: Z.F. | April 20, 2009

Toeiology 101: Cognitive Dissonance

IPB Image

(Thanks to Igadevil for this scan, if not, I would have thought it was a fake).

No, this is not a scan from 2005. This is scan from a soon to be released tokusatsu magazine. So as you might or might not know, Hibiki’s world will be the last one and perhaps there’s some special treatment for this last world because we actually have 4 returning characters. WHAT?! FOUR, are you kidding me, they couldn’t get even 1 returning character (where we can see the face of. Well, you can argue we saw Kurenai Wataru, but he just stuck around after wrapping up Kiva to do a few scenes for Decade. His cameo was a given.)

If Kenji Matsuda wasn’t in Kiva, G, and the new Den-o movie, I would be thrilled to see him back. But now his face has been a in the Rider Franchise for so much it is not even a surprise to see him. I do love him though. Zanki is definitely one of the best riders of all time.

Tuxedo Kamen Rider Ibuki is back as well. He hasn’t been seen in a long time in anything after Hibiki. Todoroki was in the first Den-o movie, so it’s nice to see him again. The girl on the right is none other than Akira (Ibuki’s apprentice). She was rumored to be in Kiva but that never came to be.

But that’s not what I am here to talk about, this scan is self-explanatory. I am here to speak of Toeiology and more precisely, the theory of Cognitive Dissonance.

I engage in many lively discussions in the Tokusatsu community and I have shared my opinion of this show. It is not a bad show nor is it a great one. There are a lot of flaws and most of which spawn from the inconsistencies of casting. So what exactly is Toei doing? I don’t know but I do know what some fans are doing.

Cognitive Dissonance: the theory that we act to reduce discomfort by changing our beliefs when two thoughts are inconsistent.

This Cognitive Dissonance has been plaguing a lot of fans. These fans were originally against the recasts but soon during the show’s run I have realized that they began changing their beliefs. But this isn’t the same as growing to like the show; it isn’t the same as someone who started to like a design they originally hated, no, this is different. They are changing their belief and started making their own little theories up to comfort themselves about the recast. And they are also attacking those who are are still against the recasts. I am not speaking directly at one person. Many in the fandom have accepted the recasts, which is fine (I have to in a way), but they are not letting those who haven’t to voice their objection. No one knows why TOEI has done what it has done. They have selectively recasted people and selectively brought people back. It doesn’t make any sense and that’s my stance. But these people with the help of cognitive dissonance, they have rationalized TOEI’s inconsistencies by saying “Decade is suppose to be a re-telling” and/or “they don’t have the budget to get them back” etc.

What bothers me is that they are so certain this is the case. It might be true, but there has been no official word of why the recasts happened. All we can conclude is that TOEI has recasted some people and have not for others. Take those delusional theories away from the argument.

I have been a Rider fan as long as I can remember. And I have suffered the wraths of TOEI. TOEI isn’t like Tsuburaya, but no, they aren’t suppose to be. But TOEI has been known to taunt and upset their fans for a greater good (the profits). Sometimes TOEI butchers what Rider is, sometimes it does a good job honouring Rider. The recast, no matter what actually caused it, is TOEI butchering this Rider show, of course this is all my opinion.

There are those who say that TOEI would never just get a few people back and re-cast everyone else because that would make it more inconsistent and troubling, and that recasting the original characters wouldn’t work with the alternate storylines they are doing for all the Rider Worlds. But these recent images prove to us that TOEI doesn’t care. I personally like that that atleast got 4 characters back. If it is an alternate world it doesn’t matter. Get a few people back, get a few new people, I just want to see some old faces. Total recast seems more of a last resort thing, but Toei has done that for so many worlds already. I am glad they atleast got these 4 back, of course it is too late to re-do the other worlds now but at least Decade can end his journey on a high note.

So that’s Toeiology 101. You don’t have to defend what TOEI is doing if you personally don’t like it. If you are a true fan of the show, you would have no problem criticizing it. Don’t let people anywhere tell you to “shut up and accept it”. TOEI is weird and inconsistent, show them that.

I look forward to these episodes and same goes with Den-o’s. Let’s just hope they dedicate the Hibiki world’s episodes to the late Miyuki Kanbe.


  1. Ha high note I get it. On a serious note[giggle] this was very well thought out and im glad someone has put my feelings to word. I personally do not like some of the changes especially some of the form rides and I don’t believe I ever will. However I do like the commentary decade has provided on the various seasons through how the worlds have played out.

  2. I don’t like the changes either i’m a fan of Kamen Rider Ryuki and was dissapointed that the cast didn’t returned.

    however i still hope that they somehow will comeback, Wateru let things open at end of episode one saying that he will protects decade’s world with his comerades and i’m still somehow hoping it’s the previouse riders.

    but than again toei just might voice the rider and not returning i’m not happy if that happens.

  3. I truly am glad that TOEI decides to recast instead though. like it or not, original casts in alternate stories just sounds & seems weird. but if one were to slot Decade in the original stories, i dunno, it might seem totally outta place or prove to be brilliant. it really is a 50/50 thing & i think TOEI just don’t wanna risk it.

    All in all, something just tells me that TOEI’s trying to right some wrongs with Hibiki, the biggest rider screw-up TOEI ever did. but why hasn’t the original Hibiki back on the show puzzles me.

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