Posted by: Z.F. | April 19, 2009

Decade Poll #4: Design

So the Decade Polls are back! And this one is pretty simple.

 It has been 10 years and we’ve gotten 10 riders, so which Rider do you think looks the best?

I am pretty sure you guys know how each of the main Riders look like. If not, there’s a nice little reference picture on top of the site! ( I stole it from the new Decade Ps2 game site, psst, don’t tell Bandai.)

Here’s a little summary to sway your views:

  1. Kuuga: Who can not like this one. Kuuga is “supposedly” based on a sketch by the legendary Ishinomori Shotaro himself, who planned Kuuga for the 30th anniversary of Rider. Sadly he died to see it be fulfilled. Kuuga is of course a beetle and he’s just has that awesome new Rider look to it. Vote Kuuga for Kuuga now!
  2. Agito: What he is a dragon? Yeah, apparently so. I didn’t know that too until I found out after I watched the series. Agito is pretty much a more grander version of Kuuga. If you like Kuuga you will like him. So say NO to Kuuga and YES to Agito! 
  3. Ryuki: The first deviation. I remembered the controversy when he was first released. I now like it. The Vent grill and everything was a bit too much but at least he got the Bug Eyes  right? Vote me…plz, because I am internationally loved!
  4. Faiz: “Wtf?” – Adrienzo (circa late 2002) Yes, I hated the design. God what’s with that big yellow spotlight on his head. I’ve grown to accept it now. It’s kinda cool in the way and he does glow in the dark, none of the other Riders could do that. So Open your Eyes and vote for Faiz.
  5.  Blade: The Tin Man. I also hated this guy when he was first released. But when King Form came out, it some how made the regular Blade look better. I mean, he’s the Ace of Spades right? Nothing trumps that.
  6. Hibiki: The first true deviation. No eyes, no mouth, no nothing. Hibiki is a lean mean faceless demon. Cool, but not Rider cool. But we shouldn’t judge a book by their cover, because the guy under the mask is so much cooler than all the other guys before and after him!
  7. Kabuto: Finally the designers got something right. Ever since 2002, the yearly Rider disappointed me but Kabuto, man this design is just pure awesomeness. That Fat Form, then the Skinny Form and that Horn that rises up even though there’s no way it could’ve been under his chin the first place, because it wouldn’t allow him to turn his head. Kabuto = Awesomess. And that Hiro Mizushima/Tendo Souji under the suit is even more awesomely designed!!! And who doesn’t like a guy who quotes their grandmother’s teaching, like if he had some sort of repressed Oedipal desires for her instead for her mother…oh wait sorry, that’s for another poll. But remember this, Kabuto does walks the path of heaven, so his design is truly godly.
  8. Den-o: Peach x Train. It really seems like TOEI crank these ideas last minute ala “words from a hat”. It’s not a bad design and does have some nice Rider features to it. And it’s pretty much the most dominate Rider of all time, with four movies and all. Japan loves it, you should too!
  9. Kiva: Yes, the Vampire x Spawn Rider. Dang is this one nice. I am not going to say anything bad about Kiva because he is awesome. Vote for him, because I know I would.
  10. Decade: The ZX of Heisei, probably. Like him or not, Decade is pretty cool and finally a main rider with green eyes. And those barcodes on his face are not only just stylish but look nothing like a gigantic air conditioning vent…*cough* Diend ..*cough*.


  1. I accidently fall in love with decade 😛


    And no airconditioner man!

  3. Go the designers who got the bug theme right.

  4. Lol I love your quip about decade… Diend is really really slowly growing on me but I still think he’s the worst rider design of all time 😆

    If I can pick two I’ll take Hibiki and Kabuto… I think Hibiki Soukou is just about the most awesome final form after Kuuga Ultimate. Not so big on Hyper Kabuto myself. Way too hax.

    King form is awesome as hell as well, but this is about the basic forms right? I’ll be the odd man and pick Hibiki then 😉

  5. I go for Kabuto….^_^

  6. yeah i agree….no wonder the man walking in the path of heaven is the best among all

  7. yesss Kabuto rocks!!!

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