Posted by: Z.F. | April 16, 2009

SIC Vol.48 Kintaros and Gaoh New Pictures

More here:

Man, this actually looks pretty nice. Kintaros is amazing…damnit BANDAI!

And according to the official site, Vol 49 Henshin Ninja Arashi, which will retail at a whopping 8190 Yen (Holy!), will be slated for release at the end of July. If you are an SIC fan like me, who tallies up all the releases this year, you will notice that this will be the 5th, I repeat FIFTH, set released this year. On average, SIC releases (excluding the Limited editions) about 4 SIC’s a year. For three years now, 2006-2008, we’ve only gotten 4 SIC releases a year, 5 if you count Limited versions. I do feel we will get a record amount of SIC sthis year, usually they do like to release one SIC per season. But in 2007, they stopped SIC at the end of July and only started it again in early ’08. So there’s a chance this will be last SIC released this year (sucks doesn’t it?).


  1. Gaoh now actually looks nicer than Den-O now…

    Wait,LAST SIC RELEASED!?Is it too late to hope for a SIC IXA?

  2. The reason for the explosion in SIC releases for this year is probably directly correlated to the fact that the Den-O series all use about 75% of the same parts; the only differences being the belt buckle, the shoulder pads, the chest armor, and the faceplate. It’s kinda lazy in a way, but at least it ensures we can get to the next Rider series that much faster.

  3. omg 8k yen O.o that means about at least RM290 >.<“

  4. I just think Henshin Ninja Arashi will be the last set of SIC this year. Not the last set of all time. Just based on history, we haven’t seen more than 6 SIC volumes released in one year. But that can always change and I hope it will.

    There will be a LOT of Riders to go through for Kabuto. So if they decide to do most of them, you won’t see your IXA SIC until sometime in 2011 if they decide Kabuto first.

  5. Interesting….

    Wow,2011?That’s long.

  6. Originally all the Heisei SICs are two years behind. Ryuki SICs came out in 2004, 2 years after the show. And it was like that until they suddenly did Hibiki after Faiz. Which delayed SIC Blades 3 years after the show.

    So if they decide to do Kabuto soon. Which I hope it will be released probably Fall or Winter 2009. And depending how many Riders they do for Kabuto (they might actually not do everyone, since Kabuto wasn’t a hugely popular series like Den-o), then there’s a chance they will finish mid 2010, and start Kiva during Fall/Winter 2010. Therefore IXA might get a release sometime early 2011.

  7. but as much as people don’t fancy kabuto but it will be nice to have it in s.i.c.. can’t wait for it to come out.

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