Posted by: Z.F. | April 16, 2009

Decade PS2 Game!

IPB Image

So it’s “probably” official! Kamen Rider Decade is getting a PS2 game. Credits to Ashsura from Japan Hero for providing this image.

For the past 3 years I have been waiting for a Rider game after the pure awesomeness of Kabuto’s PS2 game. But they skipped on Den-o and I thought, hmm maybe Den-o wasn’t popular enough to be turned in to a game. And then of course Den-o for some reason turned into the MOSTZ FRIGGIN’ POPUlaR RidEr sohw Eva!!!!!11! So I was proven wrong. Then they skipped Kiva and I was mad. So I was waiting for this.

Here’s something I hope for:

1) Have all the Riders ever. Showa and Heisei. Come on Bandai Namco it isn’t hard. If Gran Tursimo can fit in around 700 cars in their roster, you can probably make 80 Riders or so. I know its a bit too much to compare a high budget game like GT5 to Rider but it is Bandai and Namco now! So…it shouldn’t be too hard.

2) A PS3 port perhaps? I just want to see realisitc graphics that’s all.

3) Be as good as the Kabuto game, or hopefully better. Kabuto was an actually challenging game. Clock Up gimmick was the best thing to happen to Rider game since the original Kamen Rider SNES game. Lets hope it is not like the Faiz, Blade, Hibiki’s game. But those weren’t made by Namco. So maybe they will actually make this awesome.


Got some new info thanks to Kid_Skullomania over at HJU and it seems my hopes are already gone 😦

  • The game is called Kamen Rider Climax Heroes (uhh, can’t they just use another word, Climax has too much Den-o connotations).
  • It’s going to be released during the Summer. Perhaps semi-confirming the 30 episode length of Decade, seeing how the Rider Games usually come at the end of the show
  • It’s 1-2 play. Nothing special
  • Features all Heisei Riders (so does that mean everyone from Heisei, hmm…it can’t be just those 10, right?) I am pretty sure there’s 1 Showa secret character, I mean come on Bandai! Hopefully there’s 15 Showa Riders (atleast) if the Decade Belt can let you transform into Shin then you need all those Riders!



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