Posted by: Z.F. | April 14, 2009

SIC Reviews Request?


So I’ve done most of my reviews for only the recent SIC releases. I was wondering if any of you want to request a review to be done.

I have most of the SICs so just give a shout out if you want a specific SIC that you want to purchase reviewed and graded.

And I do have a couple of other toys too, like DX Rider stuff, candy toys and stuff like that. So please comment and I will try to brew up a review for that since I am not sure where to go next.


  1. Hey, I don’t know if you have the Den-o Climax Form, but I would like to know a bit about it before I buy it. Thanks.

  2. Out of interest, regarding the SIC Classics 2007 Ryuki figure…
    I just received mine in the post today, and within half an hour of getting it out of the box, both ball joints on the arms have broken. Split on the ring that holds the ball joint in place.

    Is this regular? Anyway to fix this at all?


  3. I won’t be getting Climax Form (or atleast anytime soon). I decided to let that set go even though I really wanted to collect all Imagins. I will wait for a “significant” price drop. In the mean time, from what I do know, the Climax Form is pretty good, since most of the Den-o ones are. However it’s a bit pricy, ranging around the same price as a bike set even though it doesn’t include much.

    As for Litespeed. Do you mean that the ball from the arm ripped off and now it is stuck in the socket where it is suppose to fit into? If so, NO this is not common. It has only happened to me once and that was my MR THE FIRST Nigo, which was already a poorly made figure and I had that for more than a year before it happened.

    I have gotten only 1 Classic figure, which is 555. I have both original 555 and the Classic 2007 one. And the Classic one was re-tooled and was done a lot better, so I would believe the Classic version should have improved. I would really go and ask the person who sold you Ryuki for a refund, if I understood you correctly. Nothing in SIC, especially joints, should break, not the day you got it (well unless you tried to).

  4. Yeah, the ball sockets for both arms are now stuck into the sockets that they are supposed to fit into. Which is just weird.

    I’ve e-mailed Hobby Link Japan, and they’ve requested clear photos so they can assess the damage. I’ll see what can be done.

  5. DO you have Hibiki? It’d be nice to see a reveiw of that.
    Hell you should try and do all the Heisei riders you have, I kinda want to see all of them.

  6. Hi, I loved your video review of Vol. 40 Agito and I was wondering if you could do a video review of…
    1. Vol. 42 Den-O Sword Form
    2. Vol. 44 Zeronos
    3. Vol. 39 G3 and G4
    I would love to see them, thanks =]

  7. Thanks for the request guys. I think I will start doing all the main Heisei starting with Kuuga and moving on to Blade.

    Reviews will be coming soon, probably at the end of April and start of May. Stay tune!

  8. Yeah! Start with Kuuga, and by the way are you going to do the Rising Limited one? Cause I’ve been aching to buy that one, but I want your opinion first for starters.

  9. Hey guys, I will be reviewing Kuuga through Blade soon. I just had a bit of unexpected amount of work this week, please hang on!!

    And yesterday my Blade Jack Form arm broke off. I am not sure why excatly. I have had it since it was released and it has always been a great figure. I assume it was the heavy diecast weapon that I made him hold for quite sometime that might have caused stress on the plastic joint for it to rip and eventually break off.

    So that’s just a little warning for all of you out there. Try not to pose your figure in a nice action pose for too long, joints will loosen up and it might even break!!

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