Posted by: Z.F. | March 12, 2009

Decade Poll #3: Theme Song

Hey everyone, the Decade Polls are back with a very simple vote to coincide with March release of the highly anticipated release of Gackt’s “Journey through the Decade”. So what do you guys think is the best Opening Song for Kamen Rider these past 10 years. I’ve been hearing from Gackt fans alike that “Journey” is one of his best song in a long time and the general positive feedback makes me thing this one is a top contender for the best Rider song of Heisei. No doubt in my mind that this is a great song, and I wouldn’t be surprise if this tops the poll. But there are many more so start voting!

And it seems Kiva won the last poll as the best Rider Logo. I was surprised with that one but then again these polls are still open, everything can change!


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