Posted by: Z.F. | February 25, 2009

SIC Climax Form & Urataros + Kiva RAH

This new SIC Climax Form and Urataros looks okay. It’s a bit messy to be honest and Urataros looks poorly designed compared to his other Imagin friends. I am probably going to skip this one and Gaoh with Kintaros. So no Reviews from me of that once it’s released…climaxsic


This upcoming RAH set has caught my eye. It’s Kamen Rider Kiva, and damn does it look nice. Incredibly detailed and 100% show accurate. But I was disappointed with my RAH Black’s lack of poseability and this, from the pictures, looks like Kiva doesn’t move that much as well. All the pictures I have seen only has him doing really weak pose like the one below. His arms are not crossed and he’s pretty much standing upright. I will have to see how much this will cost. If it’s a decent price like my RAH Black then I am surely getting it!




  1. Hi guys….regardless the SIC Climax form, I’m agree that it does look messy.
    But hey, the Climax Form was already a MESS in the first place…I’ll love to give big applause to BanDai for making SIC for this kamen rider. Much cooler I’d say.

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