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S.I.C. Vol. 44 Zeronos and Deneb Review


Yes, I finally got my hands on this beauty last week, with my Decade DX belt as well. Seeing how there’s more than enough Decade Belt Reviews out there, I don’t think anyone is looking forward to mine, especially since some of those reviews are extremely well done and detailed.

So there’s been a whole lot of Den-o buzz recently and naturally controversy has surfaced. Something about a new Den-o movie featuring Decade, which has been confirmed, and a possible second season of Den-o. Though I am not the biggest fan of Den-o, these guys are certainly the best SICs out there! Den-o Sword Form was great but Zeronos has some slight improvements and a whole bunch of funky extras.

This set is just as great as the other, so I have to give it the 100% perfect score!


Box Image:


Front View of Altair Form:


Back View of Altair Form:


Zeronos with Signature Pose:


Zeronos with ZeroGasher in Sabre Mode:


ZeroGasher in Bowgun Mode: (The weapon can actually switch to both modes instead of two separate version of ZeroGasher)


Front View of Deneb:


Back View of Deneb:


Deneb with really detailed food featured in the actual show!


Deneb Candy!!! Deneb has one set of hands that have opposable thumbs and moving fingers.


Deneb Gun Fingers!


One Zeronos Card is included, just to show you how much detail SIC has, both side of the card are designed like the one from the show. The card can also be inserted into the belt, and centre of the belt does rotate which does so when Zeronos changes form. The card is stored in a card deck located on his right side which holds the blade of the ZeroGasher. You can put the card there safely without losing it.


Zeronos Plat-form type head is not a faceplate unlike Den-o’s. It’s a whole different head. I am not sure why they didn’t just make it a faceplate…


Vega Form:


Vega and Sword Form:


Altair and Sword Form:


So here’s the written review:

Design: Like the other Den-o SIC, this one is superb. There’s great details everywhere and both Altair and Vega Form look great. The colours are also nice and sharp and even though the figure is very show accurate it still has that SIC style to it. Deneb is even better looking. I believe the figure is a bit taller than the Zeronos figure, which is great because I believe Deneb is taller than Zeronos in the show. The ZeroGasher is brilliantly done. It works like how you would think the actual weapon with work. It springs open when you move the handle down and the begs that fit into the handles are nice and strong so nothing falls apart. A new tradition for these Den-o SICs are the inclusion of the Imagins and their respective signature items. Deneb, of course, was the motherly figure for Sakurai Yuuto, and provided everyone he met with candy and food. Kenj Ando, the SIC sculptor, adds a basked of Deneb Candy as well a plate of food which looks as great as those miniature food toys they sell in Japan. Everything is stuck on, so you won’t have to worry losing your Deneb Candy or that dish of Shitake mushrooms. However there are 3 candies that were included separately, one regular wrapped candy, one small lolipop, and one large lolipop with Deneb’s face on it. The pocket watch that Sakurai has is also included.

Playbility: Once again it is amazing. I mentioned all of this before in my other Den-o Reviews. There is one thing I have to comment, is that the forms are really easy to switch. You only have to change the front and back armor, and the faceplates, that’s all! But incredibly Vega and Altair feel significantly different even though they share about 90% of the same armor. And everything fits in perfectly which is why I love these Den-o sets. Nothing falls off, unlike SIC Hibiki which constantly breaks into pieces. Even the Deneb had on Vega’s shoulder fit nicely together with a ball joint so it rotates! Most of the hands have a wrist joint which are new to the SIC line, and like I mentioned above, one set of Deneb hads have moveable fingers for him to hold his candies.

Durability: Strong!

Value: You get a lot from this set. Everything a Zeronos fan would want. You get Deneb and of course Zeronos and both of his forms, well atleast the cool ones, Zero Form is stupid. A whole bunch of extras at a very decent price. A must get for Den-o fans who might have skipped out on Rod, Ax and Gun Form. If you have to get the Den-o SICs I would really recommend this one and Sword Form and maybe skip all the others.

The next set which was released last month was Liner Form and Zero Form, which doesn’t have much. I plan to get that just because Liner form is indeed the final/ultimate Den-o Form and all SIC collectors need to have the basic and final form, even though its packed with a cheap repaint like Zero Form. After that we take a break with THE FIRST and Cyclone, but we go back full force with Climax and Urataros and then Gaoh and Kintaros, which I plan to skip, giving me a gap in my Rider SIC collection. Whatever comes next is a mystery, seeing how Den-o is getting more and more popular I wouldn’t be surprised to see New Den-o and Teddy. But I really want Kabuto, even though I would prefer Kiva to come next.

By: Adrienzo



  1. no comment…its cool…!!! 🙂

  2. I quite like the look of this one, how much was it out of interest?

    As a side note, previews for the Kiva S.I.C.s can be seen here:

    Not sure which order they’ll be out in, but hopefully will be out soon – need to start my own S.I.C. collection somewhere!

  3. I actually got it for a bit more than I wanted to pay. I bought it at a local store and I live in Canada, usually I get someone to send it to me from Hong Kong so it’s cheaper.

    And those Kiva are customs. They are nice but I am sure the real ones will look even nicer!

    If you haven’t started an SIC collection then definitely start from Blade, Agito (the new one, with the bike) and the Den-o. Those are the best out there, if you buy the old ones you will be disappointed with the lack of poseability and how easy the joints get loose!

  4. Ah ok, only customs? Whoa..

    And where’s a good place to buy them? I live in the UK, and I was looking at YesAsia which stocks a few of them. Blade was one of the primary ones I was after too. What’s the Ryuki model like as well? That was another one that caught my eye as looking pretty good.

  5. Maybe there’s atleast 1 local store in the UK that have SICs. But I wouldn’t be sure since I don’t live there…the most popular site to get Tokusatsu stuff is

    HLJ usually has newest stuff sent straight from Japan. It takes a while for them to send stuff bit its good and they have discount on older SICs. Or you can always check Ebay, they have cheap one as well.

    Blade is really good, though still miles away from perfect. My biggest problem with Blade, like Faiz and especially Hibiki is that there are loose armor parts. Things fall off occasionally and they have heavy die-cast weapons which doesn’t allow for much poseability.

    Ryuki is actually better, in terms of cohesiveness than Faiz and Hibiki, and it was made a few years before those. I like Ryuki, it only has that loose jock strap thing that comes off…lol, aside from that it’s all good. And the Figure is tall, unlike Faiz which is abnormally short. I did get both Faiz though, the Classic 2007 one and the original one released back in 2005 (iirc). The 2007 re-release was a lot better. I am sure they re-tooled it. So this might be the same for the 2007 Ryuki, and Blade (which I sadly missed out on).

    All in all it depends which series you like. But if you don’t mind then go for SICs 35 and up.

  6. Okay then, thanks for the help ^^

    I’ve found a couple of models that I’m interested in purchasing, and they’re all surprisingly cheap, so I’ll try and make some purchases soon.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your reviews.

  7. Nice, I like this vol. I’m trying to sell my Brand new first release Masked rider blade SIC vol.35, so that I can purchase this vol.

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