Posted by: Z.F. | February 6, 2009

Decade Poll #2: Logos

So for this week’s second poll: What’s your Favourite Heisei Rider Logo?


  1. Kuuga – This one is by far one of my favourites. It is one of the many characters of the Grongi language and I just love how simple it is because it looks exactly like Kuuga’s design
  2. Agito – A similar take on Kuuga’s logo. Agito is another simple one that resembles the actual Rider look. I like this one alot as well.
  3. Ryuki – I am actually not a big fan of this one. Compared to the other Ryuki Riders, I thought this one was a bit weak. It didn’t look enough like a Dragon to me.
  4. Faiz – The Greek letter Phi is Faiz’s motif. The one featured in that picture above, I believe, is the newly designed Faiz’s logo since we never actually see this exact logo anywhere in the show.
  5. Blade – Boring! Another logo that’s been retouched for Decade. I wonder why they didn’t use the Kanji for Blade as his logo, similar to Blade’s title card. Oh well.
  6. Hibiki – This is a cool logo that has a very Asian style to it.
  7. Kabuto – This one, similar to Ryuki, is one of many logos in that respective show. I actually didn’t like this one as much compare to Thebee, Drake’s and Saswords. I also thought this could’ve done without the ZECT text on it.
  8. Den-o –  A strange logo that hasn’t really been seen on the show except for on Den-o’s belt. It looks cool but doesn’t have much to do with Den-o. I know some people say its a clock but it also looks like the Greek letter lambda: λ, rotated 90 degrees
  9. Kiva – A Batman-esque logo. Very simple not they creative but it still looks great. I always love when the logo shows up when a Rider kick is used, like in Kuuga, Agito, Faiz, and Kiva.
  10. Decade – Uses the same Kuuga and Agito Face type design. It simply a barcode that also is Decade’s face. The 453 145 below actually stands for DECADE if you switched ABC into 123.

And just a little update on the last poll, Favourite Henshin Effect, it seems Faiz is the winner. It is my favourite too!

By: Adrienzo


  1. i could be wrong, but i always thought that den-o’s logo had something to do with trains, as it reminded me of train maps i see here in nyc. or like this one

  2. I think Den-o’s is also supposed to look like a train wheel

  3. Um, the symbol for Blade was always the Spade symbol from the card suit that he uses. I mean it’s on his belt buckle and his chest plate.

  4. Good one..! I think the mysteries behind Kuuga symbol lies within ancient war between Linto and Grongi tribe…yes, I really think of it

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