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Top Ten Moments of Kamen Rider Kiva

I’ve decided I will do a few more Kiva related posts before I finally put the series to rest. There was a lot that happened in 2008 with Kiva, and to just conclude the show with my review certainly isn’t enough. So for the first post I’ve decided to list my

Top Ten Moments of Kamen Rider Kiva!


10: The Group Date (Episode 21)

Seeing how the other 9 scenes are more serious and action packed I feel I need to add one scene that’s a bit more comedic. There’s a lot of funny moments in Kiva most of which involves Otoya. I have to say Jiro’s and Otoya’s chemistry were great and perhaps their rivarly was best portrayed in this classic and humorous scene where Jiro, Otoya, Yuri, Riki and two other girls go on a group date. My favourite part is when Jiro jams a fork into Otoya’s leg and of course just the endless bickering the two goes through.

9: Yuri and Megumi finally together (Episode 48 )

I just realized there’s actually 4 wedding scenes in the series. One with Yuri and Jiro, Mio and Wataru which were both dream sequences and the other two with Mio and Taiga plus Nago and Megumi. Of course the last one ends the happiest but the best moment doesn’t lie there. It’s right before the wedding when Megumi regrets that Yuri, her mother, can’t be here to see her own daughter in her wedding dress on her wedding day. She suddenly comes in spirit form to say congratulations. Though the Aso girls (as a whole) didn’t get much development we do get a strong mother and daughter relation (though not as strong as the Kurenai’s father and son relationship). It’s a sweet little moment, a perfect way to bring closure to these two characters.

Sorry I don’t have the exact scene, but its somewhere here:

8: Wataru Crowns himself King (Episode 47)

I put this scene here because of two reasons.  Even though that King charade wasn’t the greatest plot twist but because I love those Castle Dran interior shots, especially the rose petal falling (the one featured in the intro). When Kiva walks in, gets the Bloody Rose and sits down. Even though he doesn’t do it in the actual show he does something similar here. So in a way #8 is actually both this scene, and the original scene from the Opening sequence.

7: Quadurple Rider Kick! (Episode 48 )

The ending will certainly go down in history, either famously or infamously. Nevertheless we have a surprise twist ending with some rare attributes. We rarely see the characters in Rider form for the last scene of the series and we rarely see a Quadurple Rider Kick! Even if you didn’t like the ending, that kick was pretty cool!

6. IXA Rider Kicks Dark Kiva (Episode 41)

How can one make a top ten list without adding another Rider kick, and this perhaps the greatest looking Rider Kick in recent rider history despite it’s miserable failure. There’s some cool Rider Kicks in Kiva but most of which has been done before like the various double Rider Kicks we have seen. This one however is not only visually stunning but was a result of a bitterly emotional scene. King found out his wife’s being going out with another guy only to get Rider Kicked by him! Just for the record, I would like to include the part where Maya runs to see if Otoya is okay and then seeing King’s pissed off face. That’s what made this entire moment just more enjoyable!

5. A Transformation for Mother(Episode 31)

Another Yuri x Megumi scene! This one the more superior one. Finally female characters who successfully Henshins on the show to actually kick some ass! When I watch the Kiva movie this summer in Tokyo, I was on the edge of my seat when the Aso girls henshined. I was wondering if they can actually fight because if history has taught us anything female Riders either transform for 3 seconds or they successfully henshin only to be killed soon. Even though watching them first henshin on the silver screen, it didn’t take away the exciment I haid during their second henshin on the tv show. This battle was actually better and more emotional. I really really enjoyed this episode.

4. Otoya declares his love to Maya (Episode 41)

You really can’t make a Top Ten list without being controversial. Seeing how this scene is somewhat underrated I think a few of you will question its position on this list. But I really think it ranks up there. What makes this scene great is not just the courageous and chivalrous way Otoya tells both Maya and the King he is in love with the Queen but the deep meaning behind it. Also before I forget, the look on Maya’s face when she hears this, is really the point when she becomes human. She starts out as a ruthless Fangire, then to a more curious Fangire and at this precise moment I feel she becomes a human, a human in love.  

The second part which makes this a memorable moment is the line delivered by Otoya. Throughout the series we’ve gotten many wiseful words from Otoya but this one I think trumps all others. He tells the King, and really the audience in general, that it doesn’t matter what or who you are, a Fangire or a human, once your soul is in the right place, doing the right thing, that’s all that matter. Also this line seemlessly weaves in with Wataru’s life and how confused and troubled he is with being a half human and half Fangire. These were the perfect words to set him on the right path. And if you think about it, this idea of the soul is more important can pretty much be applied to other things like class and race. Very very inspirational.

3. Farewell Otoya (Episode 46)

Death scenes usually rank up there and it’s no surprise here that Otoya’s multiple goodbye scenes are at #3. Personally I enjoyed the Yuri and Otoya scene more than his actual death scene with Maya. It’s a bit different and actually a bit more tragic. Even though Yuri says he is over him you can tell she clearly isn’t. There’s nice reference back to the Omelette Rice (Rider’s favourite food) which we also see in the Maya scene. It’s nice symbolism here since Yuri said love was the secret ingredient she used, and in Maya’s scene Otoya cooks her some. I guess it tells us that Otoya is truly in love with Maya. I felt that the scene with Maya could be done a bit better, maybe a better location but still it’s a classic. One of the best death scene in Rider history.

2. Wataru kills Mio (Episode 43)

Okay, I know Wataru doesn’t actually kill Mio, which still kinda bothers me because I thought that has to be the darkest thing they have done in recent Rider history, but to be fair he does play a big part in her death. This was a rather Shakespearean type twist added to episode 43 which was already full of surprises. I really enjoyed this scene and it was just extremely dark, I thought it was perfect. Probably the most unexpected thing to happen in the show, excluding the ending, which was just out of nowhere. Similar to #3, I thought this scene was a bit under done. They could have added a bit more to it, like a deeper flashback of Mio and Wataru’s relationship but they did add a dream sequence which is probably Mio hoping that she would have one day married Wataru. Very sad, very surprising, very good scene!

Something else I have to mention is that Yuri Haga (Mio’s actress) played Mari in Faiz, and this exact predicament happened in Faiz when Mari jumped in front of Sawada to prevent him from being Rider Kicked by Kaixa. That time she got saved, this time she wasn’t so lucky. The moral here, don’t tempt fate, especially if that fate is getting Rider Kicked!

And here it is ….the one you have been waiting for #1

and the #1 scene of Kamen Rider Kiva is….

1. “We are One” (Episode 48 )

Sorry I don’t have the actual scene, I have to link you to this large chunk of the episode. It starts around 4:00.

I think there might be a few who will disagree with me but I feel this is truly the best scene in all of Kiva. Overall I’ve been a bit biased, I like my drama more than my action so there’s not a whole lot of action scenes and most of these scenes all  happened in the 40’s.

Anyways the scene truly begins with IXA vs. Dark Kiva Final Round. Dark Kiva manages to destroy IXA, causing him to implode. That itself was a cool scene and I wondered for a while why they show his arm flying into the water. I was clueless enough to think it was insignificant but in retrospect, how could I have missed it?! When King is revived in ’09 he sends the new fake King, Wataru down a cliff. Wataru takes a violent roll down the mountain, and it really looked painful to, until right before he falls into what looks like hell itself, he grabs onto IXA’s arm, his father’s arm.

Let me get my little rant across first before I praise this scene. I will just say that this scene would’ve been even more perfect if they took away the time travelling aspect. This, similar to Megumi and Yuri’s meeting (#9), would’ve been the first and last time the two would see each other. I think it would’ve made it more special because throughout the show Wataru wanted to see his father, to talk to him, to hear him and finally in the last episode he does. But it does get somewhat ruined since he went back in time and they hung out together for a while but that doesn’t totally destroy the pure greatness of this scene.

To me the whole series has been about Otoya and Wataru; their relationship and a lot on Wataru’s struggle to learn and become someone like his father. From his conflicts with the Fangire, human life, and to his attempt to surpass his father; all of that is summed up in this very scene. It gives the series the best closure I could have expected. Wataru has fallen, he is down once again and about to die but his father, like always, helps grab a hold of him before he falls to his demise. Otoya tells him and, really, solves all his problems. Wataru has been alone for most of his life, even though he has found love he ultimately lost it but Otoya tells him he is not alone. There’s no need to surpass him, Otoya is a part of him and always has been. And if Wataru really truly love and cares for his father, his mother, his family and his friends, he wouldn’t give up because if he does they will all die with him, they are all part of him, “We are one”. I watched that scene countless time and everytime I am touched by it. It’s a fantastically simple yet heartfelt scene. Perfect way to end Wataru’s suffering and the perfect way for us to say goodbye to Otoya.



  1. Great list! Those were all some good moments. Especially Otoya’s end, Wataru taking the throne and the “We are One” scenes, those would be in my list.

    Wataru’s “angry” transformations (in #35 & 43) were really cool moments. Of the two I’d probably pick the latter because of the fight it led into. And when Wataru first proclaims himself King in front of Taiga, Bishop, Nago, etc. earlier on in #47. Koji just sold me on that scene.

    I always liked the moment from #30, when the Arms Monsters and Otoya all appear wearing sunglasses to confront Rook. That was a good way to throw a little humor into setting up an action scene. #31 is great indeed, like you said.

    The final battles against Bat Fangire (both in 1986 & 2008) were pretty cool too.

    There’s a lot in #27~28, though mostly because they make me laugh with time-traveling Nago.

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