Posted by: Z.F. | January 30, 2009

Decade Poll #1: Henshin Effects

So I’ve been thinking what’s the best way to sum up a Decade of Heisei Kamen Rider but to start some Rider competition. One of the main theme of this year’s Kamen Rider Decade is “Who’s the Strongest Rider” well as subjective and biased as that question is (since Newest Rider = Strongest Rider) lets ask some better questions. Questions that we all have different opinions about.

With ten years worth of show we’ve gotten a variety of different things, but all of those different things stem from the same ideas. So for this very first poll, I’d like to know what’s your Favourite Henshin Effect from the past 10 years of Heisei Rider.

  1. Kuuga – The very first henshin since 1994 pretty much mesmerized us all. It was the true first Henshin, with its use of CGI, that we got to see the armor attach piece by piece onto our hero.
  2. Agito – A simplier effect with is just a ray of light emitting from Agito’s belt. I bit bland for me, but a fan favourite.
  3. Ryuki – A unique henshin which incorporates the Mirror World concept with the inverting mirror image of the Rider reflecting towards the hero’s body.
  4. Faiz – One of my favourites, its simple and effective. The red stream of light passing through from the belt to the entire body!
  5. Blade – Another very cool effect with the Rider’s Card acting as a holographic shield and a henshin portal. This one definitely solved the age old problem (which isn’t really a problem) of monsters who try to attack you when you transform!
  6. Hibiki – The purple fire!
  7. Kabuto – A similar digital concept like Faiz. This time of course with honeycomb pixels that consumes the body.
  8. Den-o – This one is probably the one I like least. The henshin effect in the Opening theme song was actually different! I always thought that was cooler, with train tracks on Ryotaros body. The one in the show isn’t particuarly interesting. It’s just flying pixels that explode and then flys back to the body accompanied by armors.
  9. Kiva – This one has the Orphenoch type transformation with the markings on the face plus a Kuuga type transfomation as the whole body somewhat morphs into Kiva.
  10. Decade – Takes on a Ryuki feel. This one is certainly cool though we’ve only seen it once so far. All the previous Rider logos appear around Decade and zooms towards him to create the armor. Plus those cards/barcodes hitting his face. I gotta see another angle of this soon!
  11. Other – There are of coures many other effects for the “other Riders”. For example Gills’ “doppelganger” transformation, Chalice’s Water splash, IXA’s golden hologram and many others. I didn’t want to add this catergory but I know some of you will complain.

By: Adrienzo

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