Posted by: Z.F. | January 25, 2009

Kamen Rider G First Promo and Decade 1st Trailer

IPB Image

So it seems like they are running these ads on Japanese Televison now. Sorry, I have only been provided with the screenshots instead of the actual footage. Nevertheless this shows a whole lot and the first actual picture of Kamen Rider G. (picture courtesy of Igadevil)

Let me just say this movie gives me a serious Shin vibe. We get an older cast, and what looks like some corrupted Military group going after G. G himself has an interesting design. With the classic bug eyes, mouth and antenna, he truly the first Heisei Rider to actually look like the guys from Showa (of course disregarding the THE FIRST and THE NEXT re-designs of Ichigo, Nigo and V3). I would prefer it more if he had the old school rider colour scheme but G has taken form the Burning Agito style. His large G on his chest, an obvious homage to Kamen Rider Stronger.

Weirdest thing to his awesome suit is his Bottle Opener Belt. He uses some soft drink thats shaped like a wine bottle as his henshin device. Not sure if this makes it a parody like that Ultraman with his henshin toothbrush but everything else we’ve seen looks rather dark and mature. That last shot with all the Heisei Riders (including Decade) makes me wonder if this will be part of some continuity.

G certainly has the strangest installment in recent history. TOEI seems to have sprung this on top of fans as they awaited for Decade. No signs of G came out whatsoever. Usually news of a new special or movie comes out weeks and even months before the actual premiere of it. Perhaps its aim towards older audience means that this special is not sponsered by BANDAI and therefore hasn’t been toys or merchandise related to G yet.

G is debuting soon at the end of the month. It’s a 3 hour tv special apparently and won’t have to wait for the DVD release to see this since its like any other TV special, and RAWs of this will be out in no time. I can’t wait to see it!

And here’s that Decade Trailer that was leaked a while ago:

By: Adrienzo


  1. G looks pretty cool, and I am so happy that Kamen Rider will be on prime time for once!

    BTW, can you add me to your blogroll? I’ve had you on for a while now, that’s how I got here. (^_^)

  2. Yes of course! I also really apperciate you adding my blog onto yours, it has helped me generate more traffic.

    I was just seeing if there’s a way to add your blog onto mine similar to yours, where it shows my latest post. But I don’t think that features apply to WordPress, or maybe I just don’t know…

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