Posted by: Z.F. | January 25, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade: Episode 1 Review

Okay to start things off let me just say I won’t be writing a review for every Decade episode. I might review the series in groups such as an arc but I won’t be doing it weekly. For those who are curious of what I think about Decade or what other’s generally have to say then go down to Japan Hero:

Anywho, let’s begin!!


Episode 1: Rider War

  • Wow! That’s probably the biggest CGI fest in Toku history. I actually loved this scene. It’s just so Epic that its kinda funny and cool at the same time. If I ever had a Rider dream myself, this would be it!!! And like the old saying goes, action speaks louder than words, I don’t have to describe much so either go down to Youtube to view it or download the whole episode here: (courtesy of Momotaros)
  • The Opening Sequence is great. It’s very consistent unlike many of the intros before, like Kabuto and Kiva. What I mean is that, both of those two series have way too many styles going on that the intro works more like a collage than one piece all together. This one is nice, with a dominate bright white colour plus the use of film rolls as the reoccuring motif, similar to Kiva’s stain glass. Watch it here in HD:
  • As for the song, I’ve hear better Gackt songs but “Journey through the Decade” is good too. It’s not much of a Rider song but really what is, with Den-o’s “ii jan, sugee jan!” and Kiva’s “Baku Baku Beating Heart!” chants I really don’t know what is a Rider song. But Decade’s theme is slow, which is rare, because the last slow song was Agito’s. Regardless, still a great song, different one for a change and will draw some Gackt fans to check out the show.
  • This episode is film a lot nicer than Kiva for some reason. Maybe it looks like they actually spent time doing it, especially the countless locations used and day as well as night scenes which Kiva didn’t have.
  • The characters so far are good. Generic but good, nothing for me to complain about.
  • This series, or this episode for that matter really caters to those long time Rider fans who have been staying with the franchise for all these years. With all these different monsters appearing, I found myself rather nostalgic and shouting stuff like “ORPHENOCHS!!!!” or “Those Worms just CLOCKED UP!” They really managed to deliver all those little signature effects that will make all fan feel somewhat at home when they watch this first episode.
  • The Return of so many Riders was awesome. Not just in that Rider War scene but when Decade transform into them. Kabuto, Faiz, Autovajin and Hibiki, all made some stunning second debuts! It was really fun to watch.
  • Kurenai Wataru’s return isn’t much. He acts like other Sempai Riders have acted. Like a guide or a mentor telling our new Rider what’s up. This episode also feels somewhat like RX’s first episode, with Tsukasa being sent to different worlds, like Kotaro being teleported and beaten up.
  • This series has a LOT OF POTENTIAL, even with the recast because when they sent Tsukasa in the Kuuga world. It actually felt like we went back to watching Kuuga. The police cars and the load of cops getting dominated by the Grongis. Even if the new Ichijo is a women, Hiroko Sato somehow feels like she filled that role well, same goes for Murai as the New Kuuga. I mean, it would be better if we got returning casts but the director surely did a great job bringing back that Kuuga vibe.
  • As for the preview we see all of Kuuga’s Form, including Ultimate Form with the Black Eyes! And what’s this the Hoppers already?!!

Overall, it was the most action packed first episode ever. There’s been rumors that are more or less confirmed that the show will be 30 episodes, but if the show moves at this pace, 30 episodes would be enough. Still, I would like a 50 episode series! Anyways, this was a great first episode, perhaps the best one I have ever seen!



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