Posted by: Z.F. | January 22, 2009

S.I.C Den-o Rod Form & Ax Form Review


S.I.C Limited Kamen Rider Rod and Ax Form Review:


Okay guys I will keep this review short and brief this time around. This set which features Rod and Ax Form is pretty much what you expect if you own any of the other Den-o SICs.

This set was released late last year at the end of November. It’s surprising these two guys got demoted to just being a limited edition. At first I thought their respective Imagin, Urataros and Kintaros were getting the snub but seeing how Ura is coming out with Climax Form, Kintaros will be getting the SIC “volume” treatment while the actual Rider forms are limited. This just proves how popular the Imagins really are!



Design: Wonderful, again, just like all the other Den-o SICs. There’s amazing detail for both Riders and both their armor are a bit different. For those who don’t know the Den-o armors rotate around in the show, so the Sword form’s back is Ax form’s chest but the SIC sculptor, Kenj Ando, didn’t just re-use the same design he made each armor unique which has given all four forms a nice flare to it. Ax form’s face is a bit awkward, the one that’s the less show like and not in a good way. It just looks weirdly designed and perhaps not “Imaginative” enough. Nevertheless both are superbly done

Playability: I can’t emphasize this more but the Den-o core bodies for the SIC are PERFECT! SIC bodies have been improving ever since Ryuki however some volumes that came after, like Hibiki didn’t improve much. Even Blade’s innovate new joints had its flaws, loose armor and leg joints. But ever since the new Agito SIC released exactly one year ago did we get these new amazing articulate body. But Agito of course didn’t have form changes so I still had doubts how cohesive the body is but Den-o proved me wrong. Even with form changes all of Den-o’s big and little pieces never fall off. Same goes for this set, this is how a toy should be like! I just don’t see how they can improve on this.

Durability: Same as the other Den-o SICs. No loose joints at all! Perfect 5 stars!

Value:  A few years back double packs cost around 4000 – 5000 yen, and only triple pack or double packs with tons of accessories like forms costed 6000 yen. This set costs around 6000 yen and its a bit hefty. There’s not much in this set except their two weapons and their Rider pass. The few generic hands plus some signature ones Rod and Ax.

Overall another great set to the any Den-o Collection. A must have for anyone who wants to collect all the Den-o forms (like me) and Den-o fans.

And just as I got this today, I pre-ordered my Decade Henshin Belt, which I am eagerly awaiting for!

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