Posted by: Z.F. | January 22, 2009

Change We Can’t Believe in

With the inaugration of Barack Obama yesterday, it felt as if change has reached not just America but the entire world. And well it sure has, his message of change has gone so far it has affected Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Ryuki that is.


So here it is. There’s no doubt in my mind that this picture is real. Credits to uagurmasou for this scan. Well this movement for change was taken so literally they decided to change the whole cast of Kamen Rider Ryuki?!? Come on, TOEI! Is it that hard to get Takamasa Suga who probably is currently unemployed and Satoshi Matsuda, who is on some robot cellphone show. This doesn’t look good for Decade. I just lost a lot of interest to be honest…the recast of Godai/Kuuga was already unacceptable, but getting Odagiri was obviously out of the question, but now this….next week we’ll see they recast Agito, Blade and the Hibiki guys too.

Though this new Kamen Rider Abyss is interesting. But even that doesn’t redeem Decade. This isn’t an anniversay show if the only actor you got back is Koji Seto/Wataru who probably just stuck around the studio 2 more days after the filming of Kiva.

Maybe next time I can post up some brighter news, right THE NEXT President?


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