Posted by: Z.F. | January 18, 2009

The Talk of the Decade!


So you guys are still searching around the web for the latest information on Kamen Rider Decade. Well look no further!

[shamelessplug] Come down to Japan Hero Access to talk about this historic series. News and Rumors of Decade as well as Shinkenger and other toku related stuff are posted there frequently. Japan Hero has been the pioneer website for Western Tokusatsu fans. It is no doubt still one of the largest community out there devoted to serve all of you hardcore fanatics!

If you have tried to sign up to Japan Hero Access (since August of ’08 ) but have not received full membership that’s because there’s been a lack of Admin activity going around. If that unfortunate circumstance has happened to you, don’t wait, please sign up again. I have recently taken the responsibility to approve new and eager members who want to join the discussion.You will be able to use the same member name and login name that you attempted to register (between the months of August till January 09 ).

So please, I encourage everyone to feel free and go down to Japan Hero, sign up for a free account and within minutes you can talk about all your favorite Tokusatsu shows with new and long time lover of this great genre. [/shamelessplug]

Here’s some quick links if you want to participate in the Decade Discussion:

See you there!

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