Posted by: Z.F. | January 18, 2009

Decade Episode 1 Preview!

Wow just wow. Possibly the most exciting Episode Promo ever! Seeing a Main Rider from a previous series in the first episode of a new series, man, I am getting a weird nostalgic feeling when I saw Kotaro in the RX promo.

First off, we’ve never seen so many Riders in one show before. Secondly we got a load of them on bikes! And then Kuuga’s all out back in prime form with crazy bike stunts plus the second apperance (can you believe that) of Kuuga Ultimate Form!

Next week is going to be one epic start for this historic series!


  1. Dont forget Kamen Rider G for Toei`s 50th anniversary and its Cyborg 009 year too 🙂

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