Posted by: Z.F. | January 13, 2009

Kamen Rider G?

IPB Image

For the 50th anniversary of  Tv-Asahi, Toei is producing a series (?), special (?) starring SMAP member Inagaki Goro. Inagaki is supposedly a huge Rider fan and have always wanted to play a Rider since he was a kid. Perhaps this is why he is called Kamen Rider G. I also notice his eyes are shaped as the letter G. Yumiko Shaku also stars as his lover.

If this turns out to be a series then this is historic. Two series airing at the same time. But nevertheless this is something I am rather excited about.


  1. wait. TWO rider shows at the same time? Not sure if I can handel that. Also this helmet looks like it has been hitting the Showa Pipe pretty hard.

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