Posted by: Z.F. | January 4, 2009

Shinkenger 1st Promo and Decade’s Leaked Promo

The first promo for 2009’s Shinkenger was released rather prematurely today seeing how there’s still weeks before the show is out while Decade is coming soon but no official promotions as of yet. I assume its because they have it at the Masker World exhibit and in order to draw as much audience as possible they aren’t releasing the promo footage on the air waves just yet. We will see it soon, the 1:30 + video of Decade, I think next week at the latest after Kiva but if you can’t wait, there’s a leaked one that I linked below.

It looks pretty cool to be honest. That sword is wicked. Let’s hope its good, like Geki. I also like how they are in civilian clothes, last time they did that was Timeranger which was 9 years ago, but if you like to count like TOEI its been 10 years.

And here’s that Decade one. It’s blurry and most of the stuff has been seen before either from previous videos or scans.

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